Zuma Cash says a woman is wanted and releases her BVN to the public on a N12,000 loan

Biodun Obayayi, a job seeker residing in Lagos, told how Zuma Cash, a loan company, invaded her privacy and shamed her for a N12,000 loan.

Obayayi told FIJ that Zuma Cash also defamed her by declaring her wanted for a crime she did not commit.

She said she assured the Zuma Cash agent who contacted her that she would pay, but the company continued to defame her.

“On August 1, a Zuma Cash agent chatted with me on WhatsApp and threatened to defame me if I didn’t repay the loan. I told the agent that I knew the loan was due. I also told him not to defame me,” Obayayi said.

The job seeker said that about three hours after she had this conversation with the officer, people bombarded her with calls to check if she was a wanted criminal under Nigerian police laws.

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Obayayi said that as she pondered how to handle the deluge of incoming calls from concerned friends, her 16-year-old son only came home from school to ask if she was a wanted criminal.

“My aunt also called me. She was crying on the phone because they called me a fraudster. I had to pay the money that night because the damage caused was unbearable,” she said.

The single mother-of-two said the agent told her he would send an apology message if she repaid the loan by 9pm on August 1, but broke their promise.

“After repaying the loan, the agent did not send any message. They also did not respond to my message. And before I paid, he threatened to create my obituary if I didn’t pay that day,” she said.

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Obayayi said Zuma Cash invaded her privacy because she only gave them the contact details of two people as guarantors when she got the loan on July 25.

In the poster that Zuma Cash sent to his contacts, Obayyi’s photo, date of birth and bank verification number boldly featured.

Part of the poster said she “is wanted by police for running away with Zuma Cash money.”

“People still call me to ask me what’s going on. The discomfort is too great. As a single mother, I don’t want my children’s peers to laugh at them because of this,” she said.

FIJ called Zuma Cash several times through one of their agents named “No Mercy”, but he rejected the call. He had not responded to a text message sent to his phone at press time.

July 20, IJF reported a similar case of how De Loan, the parent company of Zuma Cash, defamed a designer who had not yet defaulted on a loan, thereby costing him a job of N3 million.

Recently, FIJ reported how Zuma Cash sends defamatory messages to customer contacts before the loan deadline.

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