Young adult novel, The Kennedy Chronicles: Losing Rylie, explores what it means to live for God in the 21st century. Written by Clarissa Lee-Kennely.

Kharis Publishing today announces the release of “The Kennedy Chronicles: Losing Rylie (2nd Edition)” (ISBN: 978-1637461037) by Clarissa Lee-Kennerly, a modern story of loss and discovery, faith and family adapted to both a young adult audience and an older audience.

CHICAGO, Illinois – The 21st the adolescent experience of the century of living for God is not like the others. Times have changed, but God stays true to His Word no matter what. Meet Kennedy, a fourteen-year-old bi-racial whose life is turned upside down in an abnormal rainstorm in Southern California. But after the Event who steals the life of her little sister and the soul of her African-American mother, her Caucasian father goes into survival mode, leaving her and her twin brother KJ to fend for themselves. Just as things are about to get out of hand, Grandmother – a God-fearing and faith-filled woman – steps in and moves the family to Virginia to help her daughter get healthy and get the family back on track. .

The Kennedy Chronicles: Losing Rylie is the first in a trilogy that takes its readers through a myriad of emotions that deal with authentic, humorous, slightly romantic and sensitive situations. It’s far from a fairy tale, and modern readers with even a hint of spirituality will relate to the challenges Kennedy and her family face and find inspiration in her journey. He talks about a relationship with a true God and addresses the age-old question: “Why does God allow bad things to happen to good people?” He delves into the heart, soul and mind of today’s teenager with all the pressures of simple living in this fallen world. What will life in Virginia bring him? Will her mother ever come out of her depression? And does God really hear her when she cries?

According to Val Muller, “Kennerly takes us through the ups and downs of the life of Kennedy, a college student trying to find herself after experiencing a double tragedy that puts her whole being to the test.. Losing Rylie is a modern tale of loss and discovery, a story for those who seek hope, faith, family and self.

The Kennedy Chronicles is published by Kharis Publishing and is now available wherever books are sold, including Amazon: Retailers and other agencies can order copies from Ingram Content Group or through the publisher (ISBN: 978-1637461037): 2nd-edition /

Clarissa Lee-Kennely knew from an early age that God called her to write. Forced to write more personal non-fiction novels like “My Husband Is Not Saved” which was published in 2008, and having worked with teenagers throughout her career, she was inspired to write a novel. contemporary with which adolescents today can identify and still live the experience of God. to like. She resides in Virginia with her husband and two children.

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