Wilmington 40 Under 40: Jessica Canavan

Wilmington 40 Under 40: Jessica Canavan

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Jessica Canavan, Associate Director of Community Family Services at Coastal Horizons, in the nonprofit boardroom in Wilmington, NC on Wednesday, June 23, 2021. Canavan is one of the StarNews 40 Under winners 40 for 2021.[[[[

Age: 32

Birthplace: Massachusetts

Employer: Coastal Horizons Center Inc.

The Job Description Associate Director for CommunityFamily Services

Family members: Two children, an adult husband, two dogs One fish

Academic Qualifications A Bachelor’s Degree in Science of Behavioral Neuroscience at NortheasternUniversity, Boston(2010) Master of SocialWork degree from University of NorthCarolinaWilmington(2014)

What kind of professional associations and community are you a part of? I’m registered clinical social work, certified for practice within NorthCarolina through the NorthCarolina SocialWork Certification and LicensingBoard. The board is licensed as a psychotherapist who works with parents, which is an intervention and prevention method for infants and children’s mental health. Also, I’m certified as a child-first specialist. I’m trying to keep my certification for YoungChild MentalHealth and Infant however, it’s still in the process!

What are the primary values Connect, honesty, and empathy, as well as an understanding of the world. I’ve been working in the area of mental health and behavioral for the last 11yrs in various positions that involved direct care. Following the completion of my MSW and obtaining the Bachelor of ClinicalSocialWork I was able to offer psychotherapy and counseling to a variety of people that included adults as well as children. families. I discovered that having connections that are healthy is an essential aspect of the health of our social and emotional wellbeing as well as overall wellbeing. As a specialist in mental health for infants, youngsters, infants and mothers are conscious of the significance of connection prior to when a baby. Our relationship with our environment and each other is often dependent on our early relationships. As we age and more mature, our capacity to be open with ourselves and to other human beings and in difficultrelationships is vital. cultivating kindness and compassion to others and ourselves is equally essential. Additionally, our capacity to take a stepback, consider the viewpoints of others , and to embrace ideas that are new can foster the dialogue and connection between communities and individuals.

What are you doing to volunteer your time to your community? Right now I am co-chairing the NewHanover Local InteragencyCoordinating Council and also as chair of BrunswickCounty LICC. The LICC groups are local associations that are connected to the StateInteragency CoordinatingCouncil and Be EarlyLegislation. They are focused on improving access to healthcare and providing support for the children suffering from issues with their development or disabilities as well as their families. A few of the favorite volunteer experiences in the past was to provide medical services for mentally ill children at the CapeFear Clinic. Cape FearClinic on Wednesday in the evenings. CapeFear Clinic  is committed to ensuring that medical care for people who aren’t insured or who are not insured.

Who is helping you to achieve success in your work and personal life? have been fortunate to receive my family support and friends colleagues, supervisors, and colleagues throughout my professional career. I have realize that not all are blessed , but I know that my success were due to their experience and commitment, as well as their love. Mom has served as an the most important role model for myself and has always been. There were times when my childhood were challenging or terrifying, but she never abandoned her. She never faltered in her devotion to her children. When I was at NortheasternUniversity, I had a whole group of professors of neuroscience who have demonstrate the bonds that people from different kinds of backgrounds share. At UNCW my faculty members helped me with the tools and framework required to help make that connection happen. Develop the skills to support the development that my patients. As well as work with colleagues. My mentors included professionals and clinical supervisors such as MSW, Ryan Estes, LCSW, LCAS, MBA  Diane Britz, MSW, LCSW as well as BrandonHerscovitch PhD, BCBA.

Which goals do you want to accomplish when you turn forty? I would like to travel to more destinations that are within the US as well as abroad. I believe that being able to travel and immerse myself in diverse communities and different cultures is an honor. I’m yet to take the maximum benefit of this potential.

Which is your most loved book? It’s a challenge to choose the one I like best! I generally prefer serial books that delve into the intricacies of a world from the past and the characters. I’m a big fan of Gabaldon’sOutlander series, as in JKRowling’s HarryPotter series. The another classic to recommend my list is “Prejudice and Pride” by JaneAusten, as well as “Siddartha” by HermanHesse.

What are your top activities? am a huge fan of spending some time with the members of my family and we’re awestruck by things like trips to beaches or parks nearby. I’m also a fervent market gardener. I have raised beds which I grow peppers, tomatoes, and herbs and numerous other things!

What is the most sought-after object? I have his original edition of JRRTolkien’s Hobbit. We have read this book when we were nine or ten. The tale was an epic adventure but the time I with my father was among my fondest memory. It is my goal to bring the same type of memories for my children when they grow much older.

If you have to select a perfect music theme for your life What song would you choose? Cashmere by the Led Zeppelin. The track has always been my personal favorite and it’s because of it that I’ve turned various points in my day-to-day existence. It’s common to hear songs during trips and have been element of numerous occasions.

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