Will there be another Harry Potter book? 2021 updates and everything we know so far

Will there be another Harry potter delivered? Fans have been asking (and the internet!) This question since the release of the seventh and final book in JK Rowling’s book series in 2007. Below we provide the latest updates, given what we know, what is a Harry potter book, and if there could or should be another.

It has been over a decade since Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows came out, ending the main book series. This, of course, was not the end of the franchise. Harry Potter and the Cursed Child came out a few years after the original series ended, receiving mixed reviews, while the Pottermore website and several Hogwarts related books such as fantastic beasts and where to find them assured those who loved the original series that the fandom was here to stay.

When people lined up at night to be the first to get the newest Harry potter pounds, you wouldn’t expect the fantasy series to not age well. Yet, as the world of writing and publishing has progressed, many fans have realized that while there are great elements in the books, they are not as progressive as they are. ‘initially imagined, for example in their superficial depiction of Hogwarts students of non-white origin. Author JK Rowling‘s transphobic views didn’t help at all.

To determine if another Harry potter book is possible, we must consider the facts available to us so far. In the past, Rowling had stated that she was writing another book on Harry potter was highly unlikely. Still, The cursed child regular. Taking this into account, we must decide what we consider to be a Harry potter delivered.

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While the Wizard Boy is the most iconic and recognizable part of the franchise, it seems the fandom (what’s left of it) is going beyond that. The author and other concerned creators are still working on projects associated with the wizarding world, such as the Fantastic beasts franchise of relevant films and related products. However, a book that will continue with Harry’s adventures after the Deathly Hallows is highly unlikely. And, both artistically and socially, it probably should be.

From 2021 there are some updates on the the cinematographic future of the Harry potter franchise. Bookwise, there is currently no definitive update, but the new one Harry potter content fans can expect is a exposure at the Franklin Institute in Philadelphia.

Will there be another Harry Potter book 2It’s understandable that in the age of the internet, forums, and theme parks, fans will always be asking for more, and that’s okay. It is also good for an author to expand his universe if he really feels called to it. Yet, there is magic in the unspoken – or simply returned to the fandom. Harry potter fan fiction and fan communities have helped millions of fans through difficult times – arguably more than the author herself.

These days, the fandom is more divided than ever, with some former fans refusing to interact with any Rowling content, while others believe they can still enjoy it. Harry potter without sharing the author’s point of view.

This latter idea of ​​separating art from artist is problematic in the sense that by buying and consuming his or her work, fans contribute to that person’s platform thereby further harming vulnerable communities. To complicate matters, the infamous “death of the author” is a concept Rowling has never quite adhered to.

While the idea of ​​a website like Pottermore, or occasional clarification on the part of the author is not in itself problematic, authors should be aware of their participation in the fandom that has sprung from their work. For example, the Harry potter the books don’t include overtly weird characters, which may not have been a problem in itself; Additionally, many lgbtq + fans took inspiration from the queerness often tied to boarding school stories and created their own fanfiction, telling each other the stories they needed to hear at a time when the call for diverse representation didn’t was not as strong as it is today.

Will there be another Harry Potter book 3In that sense, Rowling’s comment about Dumbledore being gay was not well received by fans: he wasn’t included in the main story in any meaningful way, so it was like a way to stay. relevant and interact with the fans – who had already created the inclusive environment they needed on their own.

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Does this mean that an author cannot expand their world and make it more inclusive in the future? Absolutely not. Take, for example, Ursula K. Le Guin. His first Earthsea The novel, while beautiful in many ways, featured a male-centric world, but as the author grew older and learned more about what fantasy literature was so far and what she could be, she wrote her next books from a more feminist perspective. And this before the magical learning novel became such a trend.

Sadly, Rowling hasn’t shown such a willingness to grow up, challenge her preconceptions, or just hear her worries hurt fans. In this sense, I think that since the history of Harry potter is complete, without announcing a new book and without real need to have one, it is better to leave some things idle.

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