Who’s hosting Saturday Night Live tonight: July 3, 2021

Tonight, F is for Family and S is for Saturday Night Live Rerun hosted by Bill Burr!

Tonight, SNL picked one of our favorite episodes from last season to replay it on the July 4th bank holiday weekend. It must be one of the Saturday Night Live‘s also favorites because it is the second time that they air this show in rehearsal. It’s from October 10, 2020 and it stars incredibly funny and talented first-time host Bill Burr.

Bill Burr is the type of host who had a lot to promote when he hosted Saturday Night Live for the first time in his career. In the title, we mentioned his hit Netflix animated series, “F is for the family. “Bill is also one of the first comedians to have his own podcast with the”Monday morning podcast”Available on several platforms including iTunes, SoundCloud and Spotify.

In tonight’s monologue, you’ll hear Bill Burr promoting his latest film at the time, “The King of Staten IslandWritten, produced and directed by Judd Apatow. Bill was receiving incredible rave reviews for his performance in the film which starred SNL cast member Pete Davidson.

Tonight’s monologue is pure stand-up from a pure stand-up comedian. As the host of a show last October, Bill Burr covers today’s topics in his monologue segment. He manages the Covid restrictions and knows full well whether or not to wear a mask in public. Bill also talks about “Cancel Culture,” white women who want to be awake and Pride Month. This is the perfect timing for this SNL repeat with Pride Month 2021 ending this year.

To appreciate tonight SNL Cold Open, you will have to remember where we were as a country last October. The 2020 presidential election was in full swing. And the week when that SNL The episode originally aired, was the same week of the Vice Presidential Debate between Vice President Mike Pence (actor Beck Bennett) and Joe Biden’s running mate at the time, Senator Kamala Harris (guest star Maya Rudolph) of California.

Saturday Night Live wrote a great back and forth between the two candidates. However, this opening sketch is a bit long and gets a bit too silly trying to parody the real-life headline that a fly landed on Pence’s head during the debate and then sat there, by merging it with the 1986 horror film “Fly“with Jeff Goldblum. Fortunately, SNL had the services of a guest comedian who could emulate both future President Joe Biden and Jeff Goldblum with Jim Carrey playing dueling roles in the SNL Cold Open. Unfortunately, SNL I didn’t know when to stop with a skit that gets weird even Saturday Night Live standards.

In the skits you’ll see tonight, Bill Burr stretches out with certain characters and he’s playing them straight from his personal wheelhouse tonight. SNL replay. Tonight, Bill plays a guy who starts socializing with his neighbors again after the pandemic, only to find out it was a mistake. He also plays a sports host who should stick to football and avoid race issues, and in another skit Bill is a Mafia boss who got out of jail only to find his former gang is now a bunch of awakened gangsters.

Bill Burr finds himself playing a character very close to home in a SNL short for “Sam Adams Jack-O Pumpkin Ale. “This is a parody ad where real Bostonians tell Sam Adams’ reps they love the new fall beer. These shorts are so perfect they can make Bostonians homesick. other SNL short In tonight’s replay, actor Beck Bennett plays reality TV star Benjy, who throws an anti-Trump speech on social media and checks out the names of some of Hollywood’s biggest stars. Yes. Big mistake.

The main story of tonight’s repeat edition of Weekend update takes us back to the final months of the Trump administration. This mainly concerns the release of a former member of Walter Reed hospital after contracting the Covid virus. Presenter Michael Che sums it up by saying, “I don’t have to say I’m disappointed (with Trump’s survival), but it’s kind of like when there’s a car crash and the only survivor is the driver. drunk.”

Other stories you’ll see covered by Weekend updateColin Jost and Michael Che include Trump’s super-spreader campaign rallies and the President’s Covid treatment leading to an appearance of new cast member Kate McKinnon Weekend update character, Dr. Wayne Wenowdis, a medical expert commenting on Trump’s condition. It doesn’t tell us anything that we don’t already know. ” We know it. “

Also arriving at the news desk tonight, actor Pete Davidson is here to comment “Harry potterTransphobic tweets and comments from author JK Rowling. Pete regrets having had his “Harry potterTattoos now and addresses Rowling, saying he’s ugly. This is typical of Davidson.

Other topics covered by Weekend update on tonight SNL The replay features Orthodox Jews protesting Covid19 restrictions in New York City, sexy hand sanitizer Halloween costumes, new McDonald’s breakfast items, the passing of Yankee legend Whitey Ford, restaurants Sizzler goes bankrupt, scientists discover 50-year-old great white shark and Pennsylvania man arrested for trying to hire a horse for sex.

Tonight’s repeated episode of SNL also has sad moments where the variety show pays several tributes to iconic guitarist Eddie Van Halen, who died earlier that week last October. Musical guest Jack White uses a guitar designed exclusively for him by Eddie Van Halen in one of his performances tonight. Plus, you’ll see host Bill Burr wearing a “Van Halen” t-shirt during tonight’s encore. Additionally, SNL shows a clip towards the end of the show of Eddie sitting with the Saturday Night Live Band led by GE Smith in 1987 when his then-wife Valerie Bertinelli hosted the show at SNL – Season 12.

We have the specials for tonight’s repeated episode of Saturday Night Live just below for you to watch. Host Bill Burr is joined by senior actor Kenan Thompson for tonight’s “awkward promo”. Mission accomplished there. Additionally, Bill also hopes to perform as a musical guest on the show. It is a rather categorical “no”.

Bill Burr stars in a rerun of his debut as a host on Saturday Night Live with musical guest Jack White, tonight at 11:30 p.m. and on NBC.

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