What is Emma Watson’s net worth?

Earlier in February this year, social media exploded with claims that the famous Harry potter actress Emma watson had stopped acting for good. According to Daily mailWatson’s agent told the publication she was “dormant and not making any new commitments.”

Fans were concerned when she disappeared from her social media, although BuzzFeed later confirmed that “Watson’s social media accounts are dormant, but her career is not.”

When a celebrity falls off the public’s radar or is no longer active in front of the cameras, people automatically assume the worst. Gossip soon spreads, and before you can blink your eye, you’re reading speculation about how it got kicked out of Hollywood, which can sometimes be the real reason it doesn’t work. And for a celebrity, it’s usually a financial death sentence; if you can’t continue to work in Hollywood, you cannot continue to live a Hollywood lifestyle.

But that’s not the case with Emma Watson. Even though the Harry potter star stopped working today, she would be fixed for life.

Emma Watson’s Net Worth

Watson marked his first major acting gig at age nine, playing Hermione Granger in the Harry potter franchise. By the time Watson was 18, she had amassed a fortune of $ 20 million from her appearances in the film adaptation, The Daily News reported in 2008. Then for Deathly Hallows Parts 1 and 2, she earned a combined $ 15 million, according to Insider. After taxes and a few adjustments for inflation, that means Emma earned a total of $ 70 million from the Harry potter franchise only, according to Celebrity Net Worth estimates.

But that’s not all. Since the conclusion of the Harry potter days in 2011, Emma starred in several films, including box office hits such as The beauty and the Beast, The perks of Being a Wallflower, and Little woman. In 2015, CNBC estimated his net worth at $ 60 million. Yes, our daughter Emma has worked and made a lot of money for most of the past decade.

And let’s not forget Watson’s modeling career, which began in 2005 with features in Vogue teens. Over the years, she signed a six-figure deal with Burberry and was even chosen as the face of French cosmetics brand Lancôme in 2011. Together, Watson has been reported to have earned an incredible 5-10 million dollars. dollars per year in endorsements. So overall, it looks like the British actress didn’t do too badly. In 2018, Mental Floss reported it was $ 80 million.

As for Watson’s net worth today, Celebrity Net Worth reports Watson is at $ 85 million, less than a quarter of nine digits. Yeah, it’s safe to say Emma doesn’t hurt for the money. And having worked for the past ten years, it’s understandable that the 31-year-old wants a break from social media. It is certainly well deserved.

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