Viral on Twitter: Voldemort appeared amid storm in Turkey

Istanbul, Turkey. A storm hit the city last Saturday night and residents have captured terrifying footage, some say they claim to see a human face in the sky formed by a cloud. Social media echoed this novelty and some joked that it was neither more nor less than Lord Voldemort, the villain of Harry potter, saga that you can find on HBO Max.

Hava Forum, a local Twitter account tasked with reporting on the weather service, was one of the first to report what happened on the European night. “Photo of the human-like cloud seen in Istanbul from a different angle… We share this angle for those who say it’s a montage”they wrote. This is the video!

As often, the clip started to go viral on Twitter and the word quickly became one of the first trends. “Flight of death”, by users of the social network who referred to the enemy of the magician created by JK Rowling. More and more Turkish internet users have started sharing their own recordings and jokingly multiplied the rumor that Tom Riddle has invaded their skies.

“Lord Voldemort is back”; “I’ll be in time for my letter to arrive at Hogwarts or I’ll have to experience Voldemort’s return like a dirty Muggle.”; and “Voldemort woke up again. Do something, Mr. Harry Potter., were some of the messages they broadcast on the networks about this incredible situation. For now it is a simple cloud, but some still believe that the one that should not be named is beyond reality.

This is not the first time that a climatic phenomenon has been strongly linked to pop culture, since a few days ago the inhabitants of Ciudad Ixtepec, Mexico, were surprised to see a mysterious red light in the middle of the heaven and some have compared it to the Eye of Sauron from The Lord of the Rings. Of course, it was not that, but an electric shock between the clouds which is known as a “sprite” or “red goblin”.

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