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To the beauty products I’ll never use

I *always* have a little plastic case of Lisa Frank Band-Aids which, even as a little kid obsessed with colorful creatures, were far too special to use. Confuse the little Bubble Kitties faces with my fucking scratch on my knee? I do not think so. So I loved Alix Strauss’ ode to the limited-edition beauty collection she’s been diligently curating since her Lip Smackers days. Read more

The last

Why Monday should be one of the luckiest days of the year

If you’re into astrology or numerology, August 8 is ready and set to deliver some serious Leo magic – not as powerful as lee magic but still pretty good I guess. Read more

For the days you’re not on your Hot Girl Walk game

Tome, this tweet sums up the summer 2022 vibe perfectly. So while movement and fresh air are always good – even when it’s 90 degrees and humid as hell – the concept of a Grumpy Girl Stomp resonates a lot more into me than a Hot Girl Walk. Read more

Required readings

I read the Harry Potter Books over 30 times and this plot hole still haunts me

Kelsey Stiegman, fashion editor at Bustle, is a Harry Potter wizarding world nerd/expert. And although she identified a good number of problems in the intricate tapestry that [name redacted] invented (Why didn’t Hagrid get his wand back after he was proven innocent? Why didn’t the Order just smash the prophecy?), this one stops him from sleep at night. Read more

I never have an orgasm during sex. What can I do?

While a lot of fun, “orgasms are not, despite society’s insistence, the point of sex,” writes Bustle sex columnist Sophia Benoit. But that also doesn’t mean you have to stop for exactly what you want – a good partner will be looking for whatever works for you. Read more

Kendall Jenner’s Denim Miniskirt Look Gives Hollister 2008 Energy

All he needs is a pair of Ugg boots for a mall rat look. Read more


Here is your daily horoscope

There is a turbulent energy at work. Read more

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