Tom Felton Said Not to Answer JK Rowling Question at Harry Potter Event

A publicist stepped in when Draco Malfoy star Tom Felton was asked about JK Rowling at a recent Harry Potter event.

Rowling, the famous author of the Harry Potter series of books, has been mired in controversy in recent years over her views on trans people.

Sky News shared a video of his reporter being shut down during the interview, which took place to promote a new attraction during the Warner Bros. Studio Tour.

Sky’s Claire Gregory asked, “You and the other stars of the film are still the face of the franchise. JK obviously has more of a back seat now. Is it strange that she’s not around for things like that? »

At this point, a voiceover is heard saying, “Next question, please.” The PR involved was not part of Tom’s team, his representatives said.

According The telegraph, Sky received the following response when asked why his question was blocked: “JK Rowling is not connected to Warner or Tom Felton. The team felt it was irrelevant to the play.

JK Rowling and Tom Felton

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JK Rowling and Tom Felton

(Getty Images/Sky News)

The Independent has contacted Felton representatives for comment.

The Harry Potter author has been widely criticized in recent years for her public comments, which began in June 2020 when she called out the inclusive term ‘people who menstruate’.

Recently, New York City and San Francisco matter to Rowling’s Harry Potter and the cursed child the game was met with backlash after it shared a pro-LGBT+ post in support of Pride Month. Critics accused the story of hypocrisy because of Rowling’s opinions.

Rowling has repeatedly dismissed accusations that she is transphobic and claimed she “knows and loves” trans people.

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