Today Karl Stefanovic and Ally Langdon make fun of Meghan Markle’s video

Today Show’s Karl Stefanovic and Ally Langdon couldn’t contain themselves on Friday morning as they listened to a clip of Meghan Markle reading her children’s book The bench out loud on YouTube.

News and sports presenter Alex Cullen also couldn’t keep a straight face as he listened to the Duchess of Sussex read the book and dedicate it to Prince Harry and their son Archie.

Today Show’s Karl Stefanovic and Ally Langdon mocked a new video of Meghan Markle dedicating her book to Prince Harry. Photo: New

“For the man and the boy who make my heart beat at the pump,” Meghan read seriously in the clip.

Alex quickly burst out laughing, saying, “Sorry! It’s very hard to keep a straight face!”

“Why is it hard to keep a straight face, Alex? It’s a great story,” Ally teased.


“As we always say, pump-pump,” Karl joked, making Ally laugh and sing the lyrics to the 1989 song “Pump Up The Jam”, saying, “Up the jam!”

However, some Twitter users weren’t impressed with the sledges and one user wrote: “What’s wrong with Karl Stefanovic. His hatred of Meghan is absolutely ridiculous and his behavior on the air is intimidating and unprofessional. “

Meghan Markle read her book The Bench

Meghan Markle read aloud her book The Bench in a YouTube video this week, dedicating it to Prince Harry and Archie. Photo: YouTube

“Karl Stefanovic has been vile for years and racist: he intimidates Meghan,” wrote another user. “He was once a decent presenter. Now his ego is pathetic. Why his offsider belittles himself by mocking Meghan is beyond me.”

Someone else compared Karl to Piers Morgan, known for his comments on the royal couple.

“Karl is pretty much a mini Piers on anything Meghan or Harry,” they wrote.

Karl and Ally have previously made fun of Meghan and her book, after discovering it was from a poem, with the couple finding it ridiculous that the Sussexes can write poetry to each other in their free time.

During the segment in May, Ally questioned the words on the autocue, comparing Meghan to famous children’s writers.

News and Sports Presenter Alex Cullen

News and sports anchor Alex Cullen couldn’t keep a straight face, either. Photo: New

“Meghan Markle joins the ranks of Roald Dahl and JK Rowling – oh, a stretch – in writing her first children’s book on the bond between dads and sons,” she said.

“Yeah, can you imagine anything better? I mean put it in the car, put it in the house when you cook dinner. Meghan’s mellow tones,” Nine’s US correspondent added, Amelia Adams.

Karl slammed his desk, laughing out loud as he said, “They’re actually writing poetry together!”

At the time, a Twitter user said he didn’t like her response and wrote: “[Karl], I saw a snippet of your reaction … rude and unnecessary. Don’t buy the book if you don’t like it, it’s that simple. No need to laugh. “

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