Throwback to the 2018 gameplay leak that started the hype

It’s been nearly half a decade since gamers first saw the gaming world of Hogwarts Legacy. The 2018 gameplay leak had the online community intoxicated. Some believed it, others doubted it. The video was quickly deleted, Warner Bros. Entertainment Interactive having blocked it for copyright reasons.

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The leak has intrigued and excited Harry Potter fans to finally have a fully fleshed out RPG experience in the Wizarding World after video games tied to the movies. It would take over two years for an official Hogwarts Legacy trailer and nearly two more years for a gameplay trailer.

Still, it was the 2018 leak that turned the wheel.

The Hogwarts Legacy 2018 gameplay leak did a great job of creating a sense of anticipation and excitement

The 2018 gameplay leak was shared by user VapeThisBro on Reddit and by RastaPasta on YouTube. They explained that they secretly recorded the footage during an investigative event at a mall.

Although the YouTube video mentioned it was an in-development Harry Potter game, the Reddit post had the caption, “Unannounced Harry Potter RPG has crafting, craftable wizards and unforgivable spells.”

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To underscore the veracity of the material, the user said that although there are signs that say no phones or cameras are allowed, officials have neither checked them nor made them sign an NDA. While some still doubted the legitimacy of the claim, others confirmed that such inquiries for films and movies were common in malls.

Warner Bros. quickly stepped in with copyright claims to block the leaked images. Of course, they had limited success as the video had seeped into internet cradles, with gamers and Potterheads alike leaning furiously over the clip to decide if there was an iota of truth to it.

It should be noted that nobody knew that the game would be called Hogwarts Legacy. It was an unnamed Harry Potter game until the official announcement revealed the title. This, interestingly, led to a clash between two subreddits, the older one called r/HarryPotterGame and the newer one r/HogwartsLegacy.

From the grand staircase to the common room of your house, to the many secrets hidden in between, Hogwarts has a lot to discover. #HogwartsLegacy

The biggest telltale sign that the gameplay leak was real was the fleeting glimpse of Hogwarts’ iconic Great Hall with the familiar floating candles. All Potterheads will quickly recognize this setting from years of watching the movies.

The leaked footage further showed a number of familiar spells cast, crafting potions, exploring the castle and a settlement beyond, a look at a map, the various magical creatures inhabiting the world, and more. The clip focused on spell casting and dueling. It also featured a character creation scene.

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It took another two years for Warner Bros. and Avalanche to finally reveal the game in a short trailer, which incidentally became the most watched PlayStation video game trailer on YouTube.

Players finally got an in-depth look at the world in March 2022 during the Hogwarts Legacy State of Play. And over the years, the hype and excitement surrounding the title has only grown exponentially.

Talking about the history of the game, the official website mentions:

“Players will experience life as students at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry in the 1800s as they embark on a dangerous journey to uncover a hidden truth of the wizarding world. They will develop their magical abilities by mastering spells, brewing potions, taming beast magic and more.”

Hogwarts Legacy is set to launch during the holiday period of 2022, with a release date yet to be confirmed. The title will be available on PlayStation5, PlayStation4, PlayStation4 Pro, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One consoles, Nintendo Switch and PC.

Without getting into the ethics and pros/cons of the leaks, there’s no doubt that the gameplay footage from 2018 kindled the fire of anticipation and speculation among the masses of gamers who had always wanted such a game. wizarding world. It remains to be seen if Hogwarts Legacy is going to be the Harry Potter game. For many, it already is.

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