Thor: The Movie Characters and Their Harry Potter Counterparts

MCU’s Thor characters have distinctive qualities that make them fascinating and memorable. Their combined strengths and flaws make them unique and set them apart from the rest of the MCU franchises.

It can be easy to compare these characters to well-known characters Harry Potter series. Moreover, both walk on the tangents of magic, love, and truth. Some characters in the live-action adaptation of JK Rowling‘s novels act similarly to those from Marvel Studios. Here are the main characters of Thor and their Harry Potter counterparts:

Loki and Severus Snape

It is quite easy to spot the similarities between Loki and Snape. In fact, if Loki goes to Hogwarts, he will definitely be classed as a Slytherin. They both have dark personalities, full of mystery and secrets. And it’s unclear where their loyalty lies.

Both also have sarcastic attitudes and tend to criticize everyone around them. They usually do not express their emotions for fear that it could be seen as a weakness. Ultimately, they both had significant character development that served as redemption.

Odin and Albus Dumbledore

Odin and Albus Dumbledore

They are both omniscient and their characters in the movies radiate so much omnipresence. Odin knows everything that happens in Asgard, and the same with Professor Dumbledore. However, they are both secretive and tend to hold back a lot of information.

Despite this, they are highly esteemed and admirable. Odin and Dumbledore value honor and honesty, and both want Thor and Harry Potter to do the right thing.

Hela and Bellatrix Lestrange

Hela and Bellatrix Lestrange

A duel between Hela and Bellatrix Lestrange might be a sight to watch. Two powerful beings with unlimited powers, Hela and Bellatrix resemble each other and possess the same attitude towards power. They crave it and feed on it, and it’s quite common to see them go off the rails.

Hela and Bellatrix aren’t afraid to kill people, even family members. They are mean and ruthless and respond only to the pleasure of gaining power.

Jane Foster and Hermione Granger

Jane Foste

Smart and determined, Jane Foster and Hermione Granger can become best friends. They both like to study, especially discovering the magical world. Jane and Hermione always stand up for themselves and don’t let bullies get the better of them.

Their strong will and tenacious spirit are the light that guides them on the path they take. Jane won a Nobel Prize for her extensive research into convergence and Hermione was successful in her career at Hogwarts.

Thor and James Potter

Thor and James Potter

They might not seem similar at first glance, but Thor and James share many traits that prove they’re better counterparts. Both are loyal to their family and friends and will do anything to protect them at all costs.

Another trait they both possess is being overambitious. Thor and James pride themselves on their natural flair that you have to pull them off to keep them grounded.

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