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This Year’s LEGO Star Wars Advent Calendar | Source: The LEGO Group

We may still be living in the last days of summer, but collectors and fans can set their sights on the holidays ahead! Each year, Funko and LEGO both release pop culture advent calendars that are among the most sought after collectibles of the season. Now that summer is coming to an end, information about this year’s releases has officially been dropped.

As usual, LEGO offers a Star Wars Advent Calendar and a Harry Potter Advent Calendar. This year’s Star Wars set has an overall holiday theme. The 24 calendar builds include parts for 10 mini-vehicles, including the Bad Batch Shuttle and Hoth AT-ST, and character minifigures wearing festive jerseys, including C-3P0 and R2-D2.

This Year’s LEGO Harry Potter Advent Calendar | Source: The LEGO Group

The Harry Potter version includes scenes from each of the Harry Potter movies. Builds from the first three days do a scene from the first movie, builds from the next three days do a scene from the second movie, and so on for 24 days of builds. The calendar includes seven figures in total: one for each film. Once you have built all the components, you can also use this set to play a game.

Both LEGO Advent Calendars will be available on starting September 1, for $44.99 each. Take a closer look at the Harry Potter calendar here and the Star Wars calendar here.

However, this year’s Funko Advent Calendars are already available for purchase. It looks like there are four 2022 pop culture advent calendars to choose from, each containing 24 Pop! The figures. This year, the Marvel, Disney and Star Wars Funko advent calendars all feature characters who have received a festive makeover. It ranges from Spider-Man in a Santa hat and Thanos in a holiday sweater to a candy cane-wielding Luke Skywalker and a Stormtrooper snowman.

Collect miniature versions of your Wizarding World favorites | Source: Funko

The Harry Potter timeline, meanwhile, seems to feature more general versions of Wizarding World characters. The festive vibes kick in with the snowflake embellished packaging.

The Funko Advent Calendars are $49.99 each and are available to order or pre-order at the links below! Whether you’re unboxing one of these countdown calendars or picking out a few of your favorites, they’re sure to make the wait for your favorite winter vacation a little more enjoyable.

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