These are the coolest wands in the Harry Potter franchise

With the recent release of HBO Max’s Harry Potter special reunion in honor of its 20th anniversary – of which JK Rowling was not a part – reminded us, once again, of the indescribable magical essence that the franchise carries. From its unique setting to the quirky fictional names and creatures to the characters themselves, the franchise embodies our childhood imaginations.

What is sometimes overlooked in Harry Potter movies are the aesthetic designs of magic wands and the lore behind them. Indeed, each wand chooses its owner and is made from different materials, ranging from unicorn hair to a dragon’s heart. Let’s take a closer look at the 8 coolest wands and their highlights in the Harry Potter franchise.

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9 Wand of Bellatrix Lestrange


Whether you like her or not, Bellatrix is ​​a badass character thanks to Helena Bonham Carter herself, who did an amazing job playing the Wicked Witch. It’s no wonder her wand complements her perfectly. The wand is 12 inches long, crafted from dragon heart and walnut wood with unyielding flexibility. The Dragon’s Heartstrings tend to add an immense amount of power to the wand, making it capable of the fiercest spells. Wizards with these types of wands usually incline towards the forces of evil, and we can clearly see that with Bellatrix. His spells are designed to torture people. On top of all that, she can turn her wand into a whip.

8 Harry Potter’s wand


It is natural that the main character should have a wand which is very rare among wizards. Harry’s (Daniel Radcliffe) visit to the Olivanders is the only one we’ve actually experienced and seen on screen. We all remember the magical moment when Harry’s wand finally chose him. The wand is 11 inches long, made from holly and a phoenix feather core donated by Dumbledore’s phoenix. Because part of Voldemort’s soul exists within Harry since he tried to kill him, both of their wands are made from the same phoenix feather, which is ultimately the reason why they can’t use the chopsticks to kill each other. Harry probably felt a strong emotional attachment to it, since he had decided to fix it after it was broken, instead of taking the Elder wand.

seven Wand of Minerva McGonagall


McGonagall’s (Maggie Smith) wand is simply stunning and extremely elegant. 9½ inches long, made of fir wood with a dragon heart; the round handle of the wand feels comfortable to grip. As an animagus cat, the wand later proved extremely useful for Transfiguration. We are all aware that McGonagall is an extremely powerful witch and would certainly have showcased her powers more, had we had the time. The scene that shows the capacity of her power the most is undoubtedly when she draws her wand on Snape (Alan Rickman) and instead of fighting her, Snape decides to flee. His Piertotum Locomotor spell always sends shivers down your spine.

6 Sirius Black Wand


While it’s unclear how Sirius (Gary Oldman) got his wand back after escaping Azkaban, he has it with him when he flies out of Hogwarts and during the Battle of the Department of Mysteries. It’s disappointing that we don’t know much about its material, or its length. Still, from the quick glance we get, the simple wand structure with small ornamental etchings suits Sirius’ aesthetic perfectly. He is able to perform strong spells with it, as can be seen in the Order of the Phoenix without having to say the words.

5 Luna Lovegood Wands


Being the unique character that she is, Luna (Evanna Lynch) got two wands – both extremely eye-catching. Although of unknown length and material, just like Sirius, Luna’s first wand had a light yellow color with black linings decorating the length of it. Unfortunately, his wand is taken from him once it is taken away by the Death Eaters. Thanks to his good connection with Olivander, he makes him a new, equally distinctive second wand. Even though it’s not that colorful, its solid brown hue is attributed to the tulip-shaped handle.

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4 Ginny Weasley’s Wand


Even though Ginny’s (Bonnie Wright) wand is not described in the novels, we know that it is made of yew wood, black in color and with a spiral that serves as a handle. Now, we can all agree that compared to the books, Ginny is poorly portrayed in the movies. Ginny is arguably one of the most powerful wizards in the wizarding world. She was one of the first to cast the Patronus spell when Harry was teaching them. She is also capable of throwing a very powerful Bat-Bogey Hex.

3 Draco Malfoy’s Wand


Interestingly, wizards whose wands are made of unicorn hair are the least likely to turn to dark magic and yet Draco (Tom Felton) never got his redemption bow. The 10-inch-long Hawthorn Wood is one of the few that remains the same throughout all eight films. From the details we know, it appears Draco’s wand was purchased by his mother Narcissa (Helen McCrory), meaning she never really chose it. Oddly enough, Draco’s wand was eventually carried and used by his nemesis Harry during the Battle of Hogwarts.

2 Elder Wand


It’s finally time for the most powerful wand of all Harry Potter universe: the Elder Wand – one of the three Deathly Hallows. Crafted from the tail hairs of a Thestral, the wand can only be wielded by the most powerful wizards able to control it. It was passed down from one great wizard to another: Dumbledore got it from Grindelwald himself before it was stolen by Voldemort. The last owner of the wand was none other than Harry Potter. What’s interesting to note is that while in the books Harry takes the Elder wand back to Dumbledore’s grave, in the movies he breaks it in half and throws it away.

1 Hermione Granger’s Wand


The smartest and strongest witch of her age must have a powerful wand with her at all times. And that’s exactly what his 10¾ inch long vine wood wand, possessing a dragon heart wand is. As of the third film, Hermione’s (Emma Watson) wand is colored light brown with a vine pattern that matches her birthday in the Celtic tree calendar. It’s unknown if Hermione got her wand back from the Snatchers after the war, but what we do know is that it served her perfectly for the entirety of the property.

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