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Women on television are driven to despair by abusive comments about their appearance, their clothes, their weight. It is the modern Western version of stoning women to death. BUtah even if I’m not on Twitter, I got a glimpse of the angry mob some time ago when I noted on Loose Women that a footballer who had served a sentence for rape and apologized for his offense should, upon his release, have another chance to resume his career.

I cited the judge who said that even though the player was criminally guilty, there were other factors in a messy and chaotic situation that darkened the problem.

Not being on Twitter meant I hadn’t read the ton of insults I received online. Instead, I got the IRL (In Real Life) version, when a group of radical feminists hijacked a meeting where I was giving a lecture and yelled at me all night.

But that was nothing compared to what other women went through when they dared to question the terminology used by the extremist transgender lobby, which seems determined to eliminate the word “woman” from our language.

Most prominent was JK Rowling who responded to an activist’s statement on “people who have a cervix” by tweeting that there is one word for them – women. The response has been a shameful attempt to “cancel” it, destroy his reputation and boycott his wonderful books.

This weekend, Rosie Duffield, a Labor MP, refused to attend the party conference because she is so afraid of the threats she receives on Twitter.

Like Rowling, she infuriated trans activists by “knowing that only women have a cervix.”

I believe trans people deserve support and understanding. But our sex has suffered at the hands of men for centuries and fought with great courage for equality. We will not be “canceled” because a tiny minority cannot forgive us for being born women.

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