The Santa Claus theory links the franchise to Harry Potter

A Harry Potter fan on Reddit speculated that Santa Claus was traveling with floo powder, but does this theory work in the context of the Santa Claus movies?

As Christmas gets closer and closer, people all over the world will be settling down to watch movies like How the Grinch stole Christmas, Elf and A Christmas Carol. At first glance, these popular films don’t seem to have much in common with nerd culture. However, a Reddit user linked Santa’s worldwide journey on Christmas night to the use of floo powder in the Harry potter series, claiming that “The whole ‘Santa Claus going down the chimney’ thing is clearly just a Muggle plot to cover up the fact that Santa is a wizard traveling with floo powder.”

This Reddit thread includes many other theories that apparently confirm that Santa Claus is a wizard of the Harry potter franchise, including the use of a time turner so that he can travel the world in one night, the suggestion that Rudolph is in fact a Patronus who guides his sleigh at night and his job of hundreds of elves house to make his toys. Other users of this thread even claim that Santa Claus has to cheat death by old age with the use of Philosopher’s Stone, implying that Santa Claus could be Sir Nicholas Flamel.

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One Christmas movie that immediately comes to mind upon reading this theory is Santa, the 1994 film starring Tim Allen. In the Santa Claus, Allen’s character Scott Calvin accidentally surprises and kills Santa Claus when he sees him on his roof on Christmas Eve, and he ends up donning the Santa costume and taking on the role. Scott struggles to adjust to his new life as Santa allows viewers to see how he handles hair growth, weight gain, learns to ride the sled and most importantly how he gets off. in the fireplace to give gifts.

The most famous fireplace scene in Santa is a moment when Scott arrives on a roof that has a very small metal chimney. Looks like he won’t be able to adapt, but, with the help of Santa’s magic, he manages to sneak and land inside the house, creating a huge fireplace in the wall. It fits more with the traditional stories of Santa Claus coming down the chimney and does not fit well with the Harry potter floo powder theory at all.

Floo powder is used in the Harry potter series to travel with the use of teleportation. The first use of floo powder in Harry potter can be seen when the Weasleys give Harry some of the powder and tell him to stand in the fireplace and say “Diagon Alley”, but he mispronounces it and ends up in Knockturn Alley. Using Floo Powder involves a flash of green light and the user appearing in a different fireplace – nothing like the fireplace trip seen in Santa.

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While this Harry potter theory may have some validity for the traditional character and story of Santa Claus, it doesn’t seem to work well with Santa. Because Santa clearly shows Scott going down the chimney instead of magically appearing inside the chimney, the movie clearly disproves the floo powder theory, as the floo powder does not require the user to go down the chimneys . The lack of a green light also shows that the mode of travel used by Santa Claus in Santa does not involve floo powder.

Although this Harry potter theory does not work with Santa movies, it’s still an interesting theory that lines up well with the character of Santa Claus in general. Even though the most popular Christmas movies show Santa Claus going down the chimney and disprove the floo powder theory, it’s still a fun idea to bring up with the family this Christmas.

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