The most frustrating decisions made by Harry, Ron and Hermione

One of the main reasons why Harry Potter fans love sage is the friendship between the three main characters. With Hermione being the intellectual, Ron being the comic relief, and Harry being the brave leader, each of the three friends brings a different side to the stories.

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However, the strengths of the three characters are offset by their rather serious flaws. Between Ron’s lack of motivation, Hermione’s stubbornness and Harry’s impulsive decisions, there are plenty of situations that have made Harry Potter fans frustrated with the show’s main characters.


When Harry Didn’t Take Snape’s Lessons Seriously

Harry and Snape in Occlumency lessons

Although fans weren’t exactly thrilled with Snape as a character until they found out the truth about him in the final film, viewers were still frustrated with Harry when he didn’t pay close attention during the movies. Occlumency lessons from Snape. While some viewers can understand why Harry didn’t want to listen to Snape given their difficult and complicated relationship due to Snape’s initially evil nature, it was still vital for him to do his best.

Consequently, Harry’s lack of attention to Snape came back to bite him later when he tried to apply the course material in extremely dangerous situations, forcing him to realize Snape’s true intentions in helping him. . The fact that Harry was wasting Snape’s time when he was nice enough to help educate Harry still annoys fans to this day.

When Ron refused to take the wizarding world seriously

Ron Weasley is bored and lazy in class

It’s no secret that Ron certainly hasn’t lived up to his wizarding potential throughout the series. While this idea is central to his character, fans often wonder how he got this far without knowing his craft at all.

As depicted many times in the movies, Ron would be seen not paying attention in class or acting like the class clown, which was entertaining while disappointing. Fans often wonder to this day how Ron fits in with such great wizards like Harry and Hermione, with some viewers even saying Hermione deserved better than Ron.

When Hermione wandered off alone during Chamber Of Secrets Mayhem

Hermione in her hospital bed

While it’s clear that Hermione is very smart, with some claiming she was the best witch, there have been several occasions where she’s been too brave for her own good. When Hogwarts was attacked after the Chamber of Secrets opened, Hermione took it upon herself to wander around alone, which came back to bite her when she encountered the Deathly Basilisk.

Although she ended up saving the day by acquiring the book page on the creature’s detailed background, it was a close call that stunned fans. Knowing how worried and calculated she is usually, fans are shocked to this day that she ever did such a thing.

When Harry returned to help Cedric in the Triwizard Tournament

Harry helps Cedric in the Triwizard Cup

Although fans understand that Harry still has to do the right thing as the main protagonist, that hasn’t stopped them from wishing he had just won the Triwizard Cup. If Harry hadn’t come back to help Cedric, his death could have been avoided.

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The scene in the maze was hard to watch, as fans saw how close Harry came to winning it all, and they were a little annoyed to see him throw it all away to help his competition. While it’s not guaranteed that Cedric’s life would have been spared due to the high death toll the competition has been known for in the past, it would undoubtedly have spared a headache with Voldemort if Harry had just won. the cup.

When Ron went out with Lavender to make Hermione jealous

Ron Weasley and Lavender Brown

One plot point that frustrated fans to watch was that Ron was chasing his random classmate Lavender Brown. While it’s obvious that Lavender had pure intentions, some viewers found their dynamic to be ridiculous and unnecessary, as they had no real chemistry, not like Ron and Hermione anyway.

Although it is clear that Ron had no real the interest in Lavender is what made fans even more frustrated; Not only was he using Lavender, but he was willing to hurt Hermione instead of being honest about his feelings and taking initiative with her.

When Hermione tried to confront Bellatrix Lestrange

Fans believe for several reasons that Hermione should have used her infinite knowledge of spells and wits to devise a plan to escape Bellatrix’s grasp in Deathly Hallows: Part One. If Harry, Dobby and Ron hadn’t come to her rescue, she might have been out of luck if she hadn’t planned to come up with her own escape plan.

While it’s understandable that battling such a powerful dark wizard could be dangerous for Hermione and possibly make matters worse, some viewers believe she could have made it, and it might even have been her chance to shine without the help. and the end of the boys. Lestrange once and for all, thus sparing Dobby’s life.

When Harry watched Dumbledore’s murder without intervening

Harry and Dumbledore

At the time of Half-Blood Prince, fans were in absolute disbelief that Harry hadn’t tried to intervene and save Dumbledore’s life. While it might have been dangerous for Harry to step in, viewers expected him to at least try, given how frequently he got himself out of dangerous situations.

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Given how important a mentor was to Harry, Dumbledore was quite annoying to see Harry stay away and let such a horrible situation unfold. While it’s clear in the context of the later films why Dumbledore’s death was strategically executed the way it was, that didn’t stop fans from being absolutely heartbroken and confused in 2009.

When Ron took his jealousy too far

Jealous Ron Weasley

There have been several situations throughout the series where Ron’s jealousy has set him back, his fearful tendencies causing him to return. Specifically, Ron’s insecurities would creep around Harry’s success and fear of losing Hermione.

One particular situation where Ron lost control was with the power of the Horcrux Medallion, however, it was still evident that Ron felt like a third wheel in the Horcrux hunt when he saw Harry and Hermione bonding and comforting each other. Considering true fans know that Harry and Hermione never had anything serious between them, it was hard for viewers to watch Ron act so dramatically and refuse to help further in the hunt.

When Harry Was Reckless With Unforgivable Curses

Harry Potter casting a spell

One incoherent moment fans found with Harry was his refusal to use the Killing Curse when he hadn’t shied away from using Unforgivable Curses before. While the Avada Kedavra spell is on another level of evil, fans have always found it hypocritical of Harry to act like he stooped too low when he was so reckless with dangerous spells like Imperius. , Cruciatus and attempt Crucio.

Considering Harry had a deep fear of becoming evil, it makes sense that he wouldn’t want to touch the Killing Curse, as it’s mostly used by Dark Arts users. However, fans can’t help but think of all the chaos he could have prevented by killing Lord Voldemort once and for all.

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