The Minor Harry Potter Character You Probably Forgot Featured The Room Of Requirement

In the fifth book, Sirius Black, who discovered Harry’s plans for a secret club, is the one who suggests the Shrieking Shack as a meeting place, rather than Ginny. And the character responsible for bringing Harry’s attention to the Room of Requirement doesn’t even appear in the movie ‘Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix’.

One night, Harry is awakened from a dream by the presence of Dobby the house-elf, employed in the kitchens of Hogwarts. Dobby, eager to help as always, returns Harry’s pet owl, Hedwig, after she recovers from a stroke. Harry asks the house-elf for a place where Dumbledore’s army can practice Defense Against the Dark Arts, and Dobby tells him about the Room of Requirement, claiming he learned it from the other elves in Hogwarts house and used it. to help his fellow house-elf, Winky. Dobby – not Hermione – tells Harry his story, saying: “Most of the time people come across it when they need it, sir, but often they never find it, because they don’t know it’s still there. , waiting to be commissioned, sir” (Chapter 18). Harry quickly connects to what Dumbledore said to Karkaroff in “Goblet of Fire” and asks Dobby exactly how to find him and get in.

Dobby’s truncated role in the films relegated him to only the second and seventh films, though there is a house-elf cameo in the fourth that looks a lot like him (via Initiated). In the fourth book, however, Dobby was also the original source of Harry’s Gillyweed brainstorming, proving that the movies do a little dirty work on the house-elf by turning his contributions into Neville’s more than once.

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