The early roles Harry Potter actors would like you to forget

Joining Hogwarts in 2005 for “Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire”, actor Brendan Gleeson played Mad Eye Moody, who is first the disguise of Barty Crouch Jr., played by David Tennant. In subsequent films, Gleeson returns as the true Mad Eye and helps Potter defeat the Dark Lord Voldemort. Another renowned English actor, Gleeson’s career dates back to the late 80s and includes classics like ‘Into The West’, ‘Braveheart’ and ’28 Days Later’. His career has its flops too, and A 1997 Actor is perhaps the one movie the actor would like us all to skip.

While it has a decent cast — including Ray Liotta, Lauren Holly and Gleeson — “Turbulence” is decidedly not a ’90s classic, no matter how lofty the filmmakers’ ambitions. In the film, Gleeson plays Stubbs, a bank robber airlifted alongside another evil criminal named Weaver (Liotta), who manages to break free from his U.S. Marshal escort and take control of the plane.

It may have been a compelling starting premise, but with flat performances — including Holly inexplicably cast as an action heroine — and unimpressive stunts, “Turbulence” crashed and burned. The movie’s stark similarities to “Con Air,” released the same year, certainly didn’t help matters. Fortunately, Gleeson spared himself the indignity of appearing in the two direct-to-video sequels, which were somehow even worse.

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