The 10 Unluckiest Harry Potter Characters, According To Ranker

Harry Potter fans were recently thrilled to find that all eight original films are now available on two different streaming services. A return to the wizarding world is always a treat, and that’s largely thanks to the diversity of characters in author JK Rowling’s creation.

Over the years, Potterheads have learned a great deal about the witches and wizards who inhabit this unique world, some of whom have proven to be much luckier than others. In fact, it might surprise some Potter fans to remember how often bad luck played a part in the franchise. As Ranker voters keep pointing out, even magic can’t outsmart chance.

Note: Ranking lists are voted by fans, live and continue to accrue votes, so some rankings may have changed after this posting.


ten Xenophile Lovegood

Neither the Potter neither the books nor the movies spend much time exploring the life of Xenophilius. What is known of the Wizard, however, is that he became the sole parent of his daughter Luna after his wife was killed when Luna was just nine years old. Later, he betrayed Harry, Ron, and Hermione to the Death Eaters when Luna was kidnapped by them.

As a parent and husband, Xenophilius certainly wasn’t very lucky. It can be hard to come to terms with his behavior towards Harry, Hermione and Ron, but it’s worth remembering that half of his life was destroyed when he lost his wife. Losing his daughter too would have been too much to bear. A horrible situation to be in, that’s for sure.

9 Jacob Kowalski

Although not part of the original Harry Potter franchise, Jacob Kowalski achieved a prominent place in the wizarding world in the fantastic beasts franchise. His No-Maj (American for Muggle) status meant his budding relationship with the witch Queenie was not to be, and this issue stung even more when Queenie became loyal to Grindelwald.

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Arguably, Jacob had the chance to learn more about the wizarding world and gain insight into something most never do. Unfortunately, the truth is that meeting Queenie caused Jacob a lot of grief. Her normal life was forever altered by the discovery of wizards and witches – something even wiping her memory couldn’t fix.

8 Neville Longbottom

Nveille holding a keepsake in Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone.

It’s not uncommon for Potterheads to have a soft spot for Neville. After his parents were tortured to insanity by Voldemort’s Death Eaters, he was raised by his grandmother. He is often picked on throughout the series and even gets a full curse inflicted on him by his friend Hermione in The Philosopher’s Stone.

Despite the unfortunate hand life has dealt Neville, it’s clear he’s a fighter. The Battle of Hogwarts would never have been the same without him, and he never let his fortune (or lack thereof) dictate what he can or cannot do with his life. Still, life isn’t easy for Neville and that in itself is unfortunate, given how kind he is.

seven Colin Crivey

Hugh Mitchell as Colin Crivey in Harry Potter

Colin is originally introduced to the public as a Harry Potter fanboy and throughout his time on the show, there isn’t much more to his character. However, he had a terrible streak of bad luck: petrified by basilisk, expelled from Hogwarts for being Muggle-born, and ultimately killed during the Battle of Hogwarts.

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Some characters just aren’t destined for fame, and in that sense, Colin Creevey is a true director. His constant victimization is one of the sad realities of a world heading into a battle against ultimate evil. Not every character can be Harry, Hermione, or Ron, and while some might pity Colin, his unfortunate trajectory had to happen to someone.

6 Rubeus Hagrid

Hagrid’s problems when he was a student at Hogwarts. After being accused by Tom Riddle of opening the Chamber of Secrets and using his acromantula to attack Muggle-born students, Hagrid was expelled from Hogwarts. Later, Hagrid spent time in Azkaban and was rejected by his crush, Olympe Maxime.

Without a doubt, the event that affected Hagrid the most was his expulsion from Hogwarts. Thankfully, Dumbledore remained a true friend to him, but as pleasant as the groundskeeper was, Hagrid’s entire fate was shaped by Voldemort. It’s hard to say what kind of wizard Hagrid might have been if he hadn’t been kicked out, but the incident robbed him of that possibility.

5 moan of myrtle

After interrupting Tom Riddle’s unsavory pursuits in the Chamber of Secrets, future Voldemort allowed the Basilisk to kill Myrtle. The bathroom where the Chamber’s entrance is has become her home, and her constant “groaning” about this spell causes students to avoid her.

Not only is Myrtle’s fate extremely unlucky, but she was never destined to be much more than an unlucky character. Myrtle’s entire existence is bad luck, insofar as Harry Potter franchise is concerned. Whether via readership or audiences, there was never any choice for her but to be an annoying ghost.

4 Diggory of Amos

After his son, Cedric, is killed by Voldemort in the Triwizard Tournament Finals, Amos bursts through the crowd and cries beside him. The last time the public saw Amos was during the Quidditch World Cup. At the time, Amos was a proud father of his son’s accomplishments.

Although fans saw nothing of Amos after Cedric’s death, Harry Potter and the Cursed Child shows him as a man completely destroyed by the death of his son. Cedric’s death apparently deprived him of any motivation to continue. It’s really bad luck, and the fact that he spent his last years wallowing in loss seems a particularly unfair conclusion.

3 Dobby

Dobby talks to Harry Potter.

Harry Potter fans learned early on that house-elves weren’t highly respected. Dobby is one of the few who was able to avoid a life of servitude, thanks to Harry. But the rest of his life is spent shunned by most of the other house-elves, and at the end of the series he is tragically killed.

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Dobby wasn’t always an easy character to like. He was indiscreet and his plans were generally not well thought out. He may have escaped the servitude of the Malfoy family, but his life never seemed to get any easier. Deep inside him, however, was a very big heart. It’s this mix of selflessness and tragedy that makes his death one of the franchise’s saddest moments.

2 SiriusBlack

Sirius talks to Harry in OOTP

Harry’s godfather was a welcome addition to his life when the truth was revealed in Harry Potter and the prisoner of azkaban. But Black’s life was far from pleasant. Born into a prominent dark arts family, Sirius shunned them only to later find himself in Azkaban for 13 years accused of helping kill James and Lily Potter along with 12 Muggles.

In the wizarding world, it’s generally accepted that there’s no worse place to hang out than Azkaban. Filled with the worst of the worst, Sirius’ time there as an innocent man must have been pure torture. His eventual escape left him free, but limited, and most of Sirius’ last days were spent alone before his own cousin killed him. Talk about bad luck.

1 Remus Lupin

Remus Lupin pointing his wand.

A lovable character perhaps due to his terrible luck, Lupine was bitten by a werewolf as a child and dealt with this reality throughout his life. Like many in the wizarding world, Lupine believed for years that his friend Sirius Black had killed James Potter, and during the Battle of Hogwarts, Lupine and his wife Tonks died, leaving their son Teddy an orphan.

The fact that Lupine is a werewolf ensures that many people want nothing to do with him. In fact, he loses his job as a professor at Hogwarts for exactly this reason. But every aspect of Lupin’s life seems designed to kill his spirit. And yet, as long as Harry Potter characters go, Lupine is one of the kindest, most reliable, and considerate of them all.

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