The 10 strongest members of the First Order of the Phoenix

The original Order of the Phoenix was certainly among the bravest witches and wizards of their time, and among the most willing to resist darkness, but bravery isn’t always the same as strength. These Order members during the First Wizarding Wars were sometimes called upon to fight a real battle with the Death Eaters, but were just as likely to stand up to Dark Wizards in more subtle ways, such as spying or simply keeping up. resistance for people to turn to.

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And of course, so many of these members died during the First Wizarding War (or were irrevocably changed) that it’s hard to know just how strong they could have become. The Potters died in their early twenties – perhaps if they had lived to Dumbledore’s age they could have grown as strong as the future Headmaster of Hogwarts. However, based on their magical powers, emotional and mental strength, and where they were at death, who is the strongest among them?

ten Arabella Figg

Ms. Figg was a member of both the First and the Second Order – although she was not a witch! Arabella was a Squib, so while she may have been a very brave member of the First Order of the Phoenix, she doesn’t have much strength to back it up. She is also described as physically fragile (at least, by the time Harry knows her as his neighbor) and is unable to do magic. She is still able to help the Order, of course, and is useful as a person to keep tabs on Harry all his life and support him during his trial. However, she is clearly the weakest member.

9 Mundungus Fletcher

It’s possible that Mundungus has some real magical power, but if so, he’s rarely shown – and he spends most of the series prowling on the fringes of the Order, not really doing much magic at all. In fact, his purpose in the order is to give them an insight into the rumors of the wizarding underworld.

Presumably, he has some ability, and he has more magical power than Ms. Figg – since he’s actually a wizard. However, of all the magical members of the Order, he has the least moral, mental, and emotional strength. He has no qualms about stealing, giving up his post and even fleeing a battle and letting another member of the Order die.

8 Daedalus Diggle

split image of Dedalus Diggle and the Order of the Phoenix

Dedalus Diggle is probably the First Order member who Harry potter fans learn the least. He’s not present in many major battles (and certainly not in the movie version of them), and his lead roles seem to be keeping an eye on Harry and being one of the members who escorted the Dursely away from Privet. Drive and in cache. The only other true mention of Diggle is in the first book, when he is suspected of creating magical shooting stars to celebrate Voldemort’s downfall.

It’s possible to assume some basic level of magical ability (especially with stars) and emotional strength to stand up to Voldemort (twice!), But beyond that there is simply no not enough to continue to regard him as noticeably strong.

7 he mad

Mad-Eye Moody's Polyjuice Potion

Mad-Eye Moody is definitely a strong and capable wizard, and an incredible Auror who stood up to Voldemort in both Wizarding Wars. His magical strength is enough to keep him alive through a large number of battles and attacks that leave him with heavy scars, along with a replacement magical eye and wooden leg. He is also mentioned as having received recognition for his battles in the First Wizarding War.

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Despite all of this, however, he is not one of the strongest around the time of his death – largely due to his extreme paranoia and lack of emotional control later in life. It’s also worth noting that he’s the most physically changed by his battles – which may suggest he’s incredibly brave, but not strong enough to fend off attacks as effectively as some other Order members.

6 Peter Pettigrew

Emotionally and morally, Peter is possibly the weakest of the original order. He doesn’t have the strength of character to protect his friends and fight for the good, and is clearly the baddest of the original Order of the Phoenix. However, the rat also possesses surprising strength.

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He was magically powerful enough to become an unrecorded animagus as a teenager, which was no small feat, and then magically powerful enough to create the explosion he used to fake his death. He also has the willpower to cut his hand off in order to serve Voldemort – it may have been done for some horrible reason, but it still took serious will – as living like a rat for more than a year would do. decade. If Pettigrew had put his strength to good use, he might have been a great wizard.

5 Remus Lupine

Remus is clearly one of the most capable members of the original Order, and there’s no denying that his werewolf nature makes him the strongest physically – at least, for three days of each month. However, his magical abilities are not showcased as much as those of many other Order members, so it’s hard to really compare them. In terms of simple magical ability, he may even be weaker than Peter, according to the spells used in the books.

However, his mental and emotional strength clearly puts him ahead of his seedy friend. Lupine has the strength to deal with his condition, to welcome him even to spy on the other side, and to keep fighting for good no matter what. He has a certain weakness, when it comes to being willing to risk his relationship with Tonks, but that could also be seen as a strength – a willingness to sacrifice his own happiness for his future.

4 Sirius black

Because Sirius only joins the Harry potter series after his time in Azkaban, readers don’t see him at his peak. And because he has to spend most of the series either on the run or stuck inside Grimmauld Place, he doesn’t have many opportunities for him to show off his magical skills. However, his ability to become an Animagus is impressive in itself, and there are mentions of his use of magic before his sentence that suggest he was a reasonably powerful wizard.

More than that, however, he displays incredible mental and emotional strength. He manages to survive Azkaban with his mind (for the most part) intact, and this thanks to his strength of will (and his animagus form). He manages to escape in order to protect Harry, and he is able to deal (with some difficulty) with life on the run, then life trapped in a house he hated.

3 Potters

Lily Evans and James Potter from Harry Potter in winter clothes dancing and smiling for the camera

As James and Lily died before the start of the series, fans don’t have a great idea of ​​their strength in terms of magic, but what is revealed suggests that they were particularly strong. James, like the other Marauders, is able to become an Animagus, create his own spells, and do incredibly well in school, while Lily is described as one of the best witches of her year.

Their real strength, however, is in their emotional strength and willingness to do whatever it takes to fight evil and sacrifice their own life for that of their child. This strength, especially from Lily, is what saves Harry and ultimately defeats Voldemort, and should not be underestimated. It’s safe to say that any parent would do the same, but their strength and the way they lend that strength to Harry even after death (thanks to a few rare spells) is impressive.

2 The Longbottoms

Frank and Alice Longbottom in Harry Potter

Like the Potters, the Longbottoms were capable in school, although fans don’t see much of their magical abilities beyond a few references as they begin the series in long-term care in St Mongoose. In many ways, it would be even easier to assume that they weren’t as strong as the Potters – they didn’t have to hide, they didn’t die, and they didn’t have any specific instances of magic mentioned. particularly remarkable.

However, while the Potters were killed by Voldemort instantly, using Avada Kedavra, the Longbottoms had to endure the Cruciatus instead. The mental and emotional toughness it would take to face the kind of torture Bellatrix received, and refuse to break or say anything to Voldemort, is incredible.

1 Dumbledore

Dumbledore looks suspicious in Goblet of Fire

Of course, the most powerful member of the original Order has to be Dumbledore – who is also repeatedly described as the most powerful wizard of his time, and the only one Voldemort was afraid of. Dumbledore also held the elderberry wand for most of his life, as well as social and political power, and yet had the strength to refuse higher positions – knowing that this type of power would likely corrupt him.

Whether it is real spells or emotional strength, Dumbledore is by far the strongest member – although some fans may argue that his willingness to sacrifice Harry was not exactly “strength”, but manipulation ( and of course, grateful that at the end of his long life his physical strength might not have been much!).

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