The 10 best families of films

Many films focus on families and the dynamics and themes they evoke. The films show that families can come in all shapes and sizes, from blood relatives to those linked through foster care, adoption and a myriad of other types.

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Some families of films, however, leave a more lasting impression on viewers than others. Whether through their crazy misadventures or their supportive nature towards their loved ones in times of need, these popular households have proven to be some of the best that the cinema has to offer. Some of these great movie families have been around for a long time, and others are new to the big screen.

ten The Addams Family

Family photo of the Addams family

First appearance in the newspaper comics The New Yorker, The Addams Family is one of the oldest film families. They have featured in countless adaptations, from the years 1998 Addams Family Reunion to the more recent lively renaissance. The Addams Family is a particularly odd bunch, which makes them a pleasure to watch.

Father Gomez is a multi-billionaire who bought a swamp for “scenic value,” while his wife, Morticia, is a witch who uses baking powder instead of makeup to beautify her face. Their daughter Wednesday is even weirder, being known to draw trees with human heads, and Wednesday’s brother Pugsley displayed his own eccentric tendencies, along with his irrational love for bombs and destruction.

9 The McFly (Back to the Future)

The McFly family at the table in Back to the future

The Back to the future The trilogy may be widely known for the jokes between Doc Brown and Marty McFly, but at the heart of all three films is the McFly family. This household is made up of George and Lorraine McFly, along with their son Marty, and they are the driving force behind the trilogy narrative.

Their strong family bond reverberates through time, as audiences meet George and Lorraine at different points in their lives. When Marty returned to school in 1955, his future parents showed a deep affection for the young teenager. Meanwhile, in the coming year 2015, George and Lorraine worry about their son’s personal situation, showing that their parental love never dies.

8 The Elves (Elf)

Buddy sits on Papa Elf's lap in Elf

Released in 2003, Elf is considered by many to be the greatest Christmas movie of all time. After climbing into Santa’s bag during his visit to the orphanage, Buddy is raised like a baby by Papa Elf. Buddy’s adoptive father makes sure he is treated the same as other Elves, securing a place for him in Elven School, as well as a job in Santa’s Workshop.

Papa Elf accepts Buddy into his life despite his limitations as a human being, even to the point of making him his personal assistant. When Buddy learns that he is not an Elf, Papa Elf is open and honest about the location of Buddy’s biological human father, reflecting a significant degree of trust between Buddy and his foster elf father.

7 The Incredibles

The Incredibles

One of Pixar’s most critically acclaimed features, The Incredibles the success is largely due to the titular family, which is particularly well characterized. Husband and wife team Bob and Helen Parr wrestle throughout the film with the merits of self-defense over domestic happiness, as their children, Dash and Violet, are cast into a world that rejects overpowered individuals.

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These themes of prejudice are everywhere, as Dash and Violet are forced to hide their powers. Dash develops a rebellious streak after learning he can’t use his super speed in school, while Violet becomes more shy and withdrawn. It’s an interesting angle for this overpowered family and one that perfectly evokes the comic book genre, which often explores these ideas.

6 The Weasleys (Harry Potter)

Families can come in all shapes and sizes, but there aren’t many that are quite as huge as the Weasleys. This family appears throughout the Harry potter films and is made up of seven children. Parents Molly and Arthur Weasley are the heads of families and do their best to meet the needs of their children.

Molly, in particular, is particularly loyal to her offspring, especially when she saves her daughter Ginny from Bellatrix Lestrange, in one of Molly’s best scenes. The Weasleys are also Harry’s closest equivalent of a loving family, welcoming him warmly into their home. This family not only has a big house, it also has a big heart.

5 The Udakus (Black Panther)

Three side-by-side images of T'Challa, Shuri and Ramonda in Black Panther

For a period, the Marvel Cinematic Universe was sorely lacking in diversity. This got better with the release of Black Panther, which put a black family at the forefront of a comic book movie. The Udaku are made up of T’Challa, his sister Shuri and his mother Ramonda, who form the “panther tribe” of Wakanda.

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The family is made up of assertive individuals: T’Challa possesses strong fighting abilities as a Black Panther, while Shuri’s great intelligence allows him to create various technological creations. Ramonda is known to keep various weapons in her possession in order to protect herself and those close to her. To prevent this family from achieving their goals would prove to be a particularly difficult feat.

4 The Kents (Superman)

Jonathan and Martha Kent in Donner's Superman

that of Richard Donner Superman has many impressive aspects to its screenplay, but one of the most notable is the portrayal of Superman’s adoptive family, the Kents. Jonathan and Martha Kent first discovered Clark in their hometown of Smallville and decided to raise the child like theirs.

The Kents are inspiring characters for young Clark, as they teach him the moral responsibilities behind the use of his powers. Through their expert parentage, Clark learns to use his superpowers to help those in need, rather than to impress his friends. In turn, he supports his adoptive mother, Martha, when she becomes widowed by the death of her husband, using half of her paycheck from The daily planet to support her until her death.

3 The Mitchells (The Mitchells vs. The Machines)

The Mitchells vs. the Machines movie review

Dysfunctional or chaotic families have long been a staple of cinema, and one of the most recent examples is the Mitchell’s, which consisted of mother Linda, father Rick and their children, Katie and Aaron, as well as their dog. , Doug. Debut in The Mitchells against the Machines, this family bickers constantly. The chaotic nature of their family situation escalates further when Rick decides to drive Katie to college, rather than allow her to take a flight. This prevents him from joining his friends for college “Cool Week”.

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What is most remarkable about this family is how much they are capable of accomplishing, despite their flaws. Not only do the Mitchell’s manage to defeat an army of killer furbies, but they also overthrow the entire robot empire in the film. By comparison, the seemingly flawless Posey family are kidnapped by the robots early in the tale, suggesting that sometimes a person doesn’t have to be perfect to be successful.

2 The fantastic four

Fantastic Four 2005

Affectionately nicknamed “Marvel’s First Family” by fans, the Fantastic Four are arguably the best home in cinema. The family is made up of boyfriend and girlfriend duo Reed Richards and Sue Storm, as well as Sue Johnny’s brother and family friend Ben Grimm. The public often appreciated their exploits, with some viewers considering the years 2005 The Fantastic Four be one of Chris Evans’ most underrated films.

Without a doubt, the most exceptional qualities of the Fantastic Four are their teamwork abilities. The family repeatedly unites their unique superpowers in order to stop their universe’s greatest threats. Reed’s stretching abilities, Sue’s invisibility, Johnny’s fiery powers, and Ben’s strength as “The Thing” all help make this family a truly unstoppable force.

1 The LEGO Waynes (The LEGO Batman Movie)

Bruce Wayne in the Lego Batman movie

The Batman the franchise has gone through many iterations, but none has focused as much on “family” as The LEGO Batman Movie. The movie sees LEGO Batman accidentally adopting orphan child Dick Grayson at Jim Gordon’s retirement party. Dick moves in with Batman and his legal guardian Alfred Pennyworth, and their family unit is later joined by the Caped Crusader’s girlfriend. Barbara Gordon.

Batman takes an emotional journey throughout the story, as he learns to accept his new family after spending a lot of time alone. Fearing that they would meet the same dark fate as his biological parents, he struggles to trust Alfred, Dick and Barbara to join his vigilante life. Alfred and his company understand Batman’s reluctance, as they give him time to process his deep emotional trauma.

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