Telegraph: Spurs push for loan-to-buy deal with Traore

If there’s one Tottenham Hotspur transfer rumor that’s generating the most smoke right now, it’s Adama Traore. There have been enough credible rumors surrounding Spurs’ interest in bringing the Spanish dribbling monster to White Hart Lane that it would be foolish enough to ignore them now.

The latest comes from our old friend Matt Law in the Telegraph (£), who writes that Spurs are working to convince Wolves that they really should take a loan for Adama for the rest of the season with an obligation to buy. this summer.

If that sounds like a familiar transfer position at Tottenham, well, it is. Spurs general manager of football Fabio Paratici has used this Rent-A-Footballer method on several occasions, including this summer’s transfer deals for Pierluigi Gollini and Cuti Romero. This however raises the question – why?

One possible answer might be money, but not in the way you might think. Financial figures recently released by the club in the course of the COVID year made it clear that even though Spurs were absolutely injured by a season without match income, they were able to come out of this terrible situation with much less damage compared to to other Premier League clubs. . Spurs are signaling that they have had money to spend for months now.

But what they might not have is LIQUIDITY. In short, it’s possible that Spurs are a wealthy club temporarily running out of cash due to COVID, and that these ready-to-buy deals are an attempt to push the financial budget back a bit until the stadium ticket machine can operate brrrrrrrr (or until they can unload a few players on their own).

Another possibility could be as simple as this is the way Fabio Paratici likes to do things. I didn’t bother to dig into how he structured transfers when he was at Juventus, but if there’s a trend there it could explain why he seems to be focusing on financial deals. delayed.

Either way, ready-to-buy appears to be how Spurs want to approach the deal with Adama at the moment. The bigger question is whether the Wolves will go for it. That jury seems to be out – Law suggests Wolves could be stuck between a rock and a hard place with Traore entering the final year of his contract in June. If they wait, Traore’s value could drop ahead of a summer move, but they could continue to push for a full transfer with more Spurs-friendly amortization.

This one isn’t quite in the home stretch, but it looks like he’s getting there. Get baby shower oil on standby.

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