Space Jam 2’s Wonder Woman moment was originally a nod to Akira

A new rumor claims that the introduction to Lola Bunny’s Space Jam: A New Legacy was not initially set on Themyscira but on Akira’s Neo-Tokyo.

Lola Bunny introductory scene with Wonder Woman on Themyscira in Space Jam: a new legacy was originally supposed to feature the Looney Tune in Akira‘s Neo-Tokyo, according to a new rumor.

The rumor comes from Reddit user Pleasant_Tennis_9427 in the comments of a post on the r / Blankies subreddit, a group for listeners to the film’s podcast Blank check hosted by actor Griffin Newman and critic David Sims. Pleasant_Tennis_9427 claims to have worked at Warner Bros. ‘ legal authorization service during the main photography of Space Jam: a new legacy.

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While the accuracy of Pleasant_Tennis_9427’s claims cannot be verified, they have referenced this same work before and the points they make about the cameo approval process in Space Jam: a new legacy sound convincing. It is said that makeup characters like The Mask and Danny DeVito’s version of The Penguin, were highlighted due to the fact that there was no need to pay for cast likeness, while a combination of likeness rights issues and the need for JK Rowling’s approval meant that Harry potter references were limited, especially at the start of production.

The most shocking part of Pleasant_Tennis_9427’s story Space Jam: a new legacyProducing is their claims about Lola’s introductory streak. “The Lola Streak was going to be an extremely famous (and extremely non-kiddie) animated film that WB didn’t actually own, but the writers / filmmakers thought they did because they had the remake rights and were keen to get it nodded for one while you’re at it, ”they wrote. “The footage actually took place quite a long way down the pipeline while I was there (this is a property that was also featured in Loan Player One(so we in Clearance had a warm relationship with the licensor) until – I guess – the remake fails for the millionth time and everyone realizes it made even less sense without that element. But that’s why, in the crossover manna, we end up making two trips to the DC realms in such a short time lol. “

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An “extremely non-kiddie” animated film that Warner Bros. does not own but was trying to redo and was featured in Loan Player One adapts Akira to a T. There is already a known link between blocked WBs Akira redo and Space jam next: Justin Lin planned to lead both projects in 2016 (the F9 director is credited as executive producer on the Space Jam: A New Legacy).

With LeBron James and all the characters that Warner Bros. can launch you (but no Akira characters), Space Jam: a new legacy is now in theaters and on HBO Max.

Source: Reddit

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