Shonen Jump’s Dandadan gives Harry Potter’s Basilisk a darker twist

Harry Potter’s Basilisk and Dandadan’s Deadly Worm share many similarities, except for one disturbing feature from the Shonen Jump manga.

Warning! Spoilers ahead for Dandadan chapter 38!

A Mongolian or Kuragari death worm in Shonen jump‘s Dandadan takes Lord Voldemort’s basilisk from Harry potter And the chamber of secrets to a whole new level of darkness.

The characteristic common to both beasts – in addition to their massive, serpentine bodies – is that they are forced to rely on hearing when hunting. Danadan‘s Kuragari is a huge man-eating earthworm cryptid who is inherently blind, forcing him to depend on sounds echoing off various surfaces to locate his prey. Of course, Voldemort’s Basilisk could originally see, but he lost this ability when Dumbledore’s phoenix Fawkes gouged his eyes out. Basilisk’s blindness, however, becomes such a defining feature in his battle against Harry that it doesn’t matter whether it was inflicted. While Harry potterThe monstrous serpent of s uses all forms of sound to locate the eponymous wizard, the Kuragari in Dandadan Can only hear certain reverberations when chasing heroes Momo Ayase, Jin “Jiji” Enjoji, and Ken Takakura aka Okarun in chapter 38.


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How exactly the deathworm actually diverges from the basil is partly why Dandadan received its 18+ rating. Instead of petrifying his victims like Harry potterGiant serpent of, the Kuragari somehow causes certain prey to feel compelled to commit suicide. During the deathworm’s relentless attack, Jiji not only has to contend with the overly massive cryptid himself, but also his friends Momo and Okarun who are desperately trying to end themselves. Although Dandadan has yet to explain why Jiji is not affected by this phenomenon, readers assume it has something to do with him having no supernatural powers. Meanwhile, Momo is a spiritual medium, and Okarun currently possesses all parts of a problematic mind known as Turbo Granny except for her consciousness, which resides in a cat statue.

The entire arc involving the Basilisk-esque Deathworm is one of many random incidents strewn throughout Dandadan. Following the manga’s pattern of not identifying a “big bad” who controls the evil spirits and aliens that Momo and Okarun have to fight against, the only reason Momo and Okarun are fighting the Death Worm is because Momo’s first boyfriend, Jiji one day appears asking Momo to use his supernatural powers to investigate his house he suspects to be haunted.

But kinda like how Dandadan becomes notorious for failing to chain seemingly unrelated random events, the disturbing characteristic that separates his death worm from Harry potter‘s Basilisk reinforces one of the best characteristics of the manga: the strong relationships between its characters. The latest development of the series’ intriguing romance – which begins to feel like an unequal love triangle plus one – includes the friction between Jiji and Okarun. Although the two characters are in love with Momo, Okarun can’t find a way not to love his recent rival – and not without failing to try. This despite the fact that Jiji is too good a flirt and that Okarun is overprotective towards Momo since she is his first real friend. This failure can be attributed to the fact that Jiji is unusually awkward and friendly despite his athletic character. It was inevitable that he and Okarun would quickly become friends who bicker even over absurd things like who loves Momo the most through even more ridiculously ambivalent means, like trying to outdo each other based on what qualities of Momo they love most. , as if it somehow helps either of their cases.

Dandadan‘s Kuragari reinforces this dynamic through Jiji’s attempts to stop Okarun from killing himself, a compulsion the Death Worm places on him, proving that Jiji’s relationship with Okarun is legitimate with his overly friendly character. Like Okarun, readers find it hard to hate Jiji – and the Harry potter-esque the death worm makes things more difficult.

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