Sesame Street removed by HBO Max

By James Brizuela | Posted

HBO Max has suffered huge losses lately. The Warner Bros. merger. Discovery has caused many headaches for the streaming platform, but that’s not the end. HBO Max will officially go away starting summer 2023. Based on how little time we have left with the popular streamer, the program purge has begun. The world was shocked to learn that bat girl received the axe. Well, now even worse news has arrived. Sesame Street is officially removed from the streaming platform.

HBO Max purged its content by a bigger margin, and now some 200 episodes of Sesame Street have vanished from the streaming platform overnight. We get that there are still a ton of episodes available, but now the fan-favorite kids show has a huge amount of episodes missing from previous seasons. We don’t know if people are watching episodes from the 1960s, but some houses won’t have that option anymore. Additionally, it has been reported that several Sesame Street specials have also been pulled. This is a huge loss for homes that are used to showing their children arguably one of the greatest kid-friendly programs.

The reasoning behind so many programs and episodes cut from HBO Max has everything to do with the streaming platform’s combination with Discovery+. This action is expected to take place in the summer of 2023. Although we don’t understand why the programs are going to be cut, it could be related to licensing issues and this new super streaming platform focusing more on reality TV content. . This is what Discover+ is mostly made up of, and there was a rumor going around that Warner Bros. Discovery would lay off most of its scripted content team. This is terrible news for most HBO Max shows, but Sesame Street is still supposed to air its new episodes until 2025.

The deal to keep Sesame Street on HBO Max is clearly not going as originally planned. Although an establishment agreement has been put in place, scrapping 200 episodes doesn’t look good for the long-running series. However, older episodes removed could be to save money, while the new platform HBO Max and Discovery+ only show the most recent episodes. Either way, the removed content will seriously dim hopes that HBO Max will keep anything older on the platform.

HBO Max has dumped a lot of content over the past two weeks, and it’s likely we’ll see more. bat girl was the first of DC’s newest content to disappear, and now tons of kids’ programming is being removed as well. Also, HBO Max hosted the Harry Potter movie series, and those movies are leaving as well. We don’t know what’s going to happen in the next few months, but if Sesame Street isn’t safe, then nothing is.

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