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We play Win it Minute every day of the week on Jeff and Lauren in the morning at 8:10 am. Answer all 10 questions in 60 seconds and you’ll walk away with £ 500!

Here is the last set of questions for Monday, July 19, 2021. David de Cove answered these questions and scored 9 out of 10. How many would you have scored correctly?


Q1. “Le Broch” is the nickname of which fishing village in the North East?

Q2. Which country is Portugal on the border with?

Q3. Who is the author of Harry Potter books?

Q4. Which letter does the Element Hydrogen and the Line of Duty TV show share in common?

Q5. What are the two colors of Dennis the Menace’s sweater?

Q6. Which vegetable is the national emblem of Wales?

Q7. Which children’s TV show featured the characters of George, Zippy, and Bungle?

Q8. In snooker, what color is the ball that starts a game in the middle of the table?

Q9. In which year did the hits Uptown Funk, Chandelier, Plsez Be and Anaconda come out?

Q10. What is the square root of 169?


A1. Fraserburgh A2. Spain A3. JK Rowling A4. H A5. Red and black A6. Leek A7. Rainbow A8. Blue A9. 2014 A10. 13

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