Ron’s Best Decisions in Prisoner of Azkaban

Ron is, surprisingly, left out of an extremely important part of Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, because he doesn’t go back in time with Harry and Hermione at the end. Throughout this slice of the Harry potter series, in fact, Ron tends to be very on the side, with the center of his story appearing to be his attempts to protect Scabbard, and blame Hermione for Crookshanks’ hatred of the “rat.”

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However, Ron ultimately makes some good decisions, even if just one of them has a real impact on the future of the franchise. Despite this, his decisions throughout The prisoner of Azkaban showing real growth and loyalty – which is often its defining characteristic in Harry Potter.

5 Sending a Sneakoscope to Harry

While it didn’t have a huge impact on the story, it was actually a good choice for Ron to send Harry a Sneakoscope after his trip to Egypt. Harry, unfortunately, assumes it’s broken when it keeps ringing, and tucks it in his trunk, wrapped in a sock. However, this is a useful black detector which makes a great gift for him!

Unfortunately, it didn’t have a particularly big impact on the rest of the series, but it certainly could have – and if Harry had paid a little more attention, he might have understood that there was a problem a little earlier! No matter what the impact, the gift was always well chosen.

4 Trying to defend Harry

Hermione and Ron at Hogsmeade

When Malfoy sees Harry in Hogsmeade and runs to point it out to Snape, Harry must run to get back before he is found missing. And when Snape asks him to turn his pockets, it looks like he’s in trouble anyway … because they’re filled with Hogsmeade candy! Ron, however, returns to the castle himself to barge in on Harry and the Professor, claiming that the candy (and the Marauder’s Map) is from him and that Harry didn’t!

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Of course, absolutely no one believes Ron – Snape clearly knows he’s lying, and so does Lupine (thanks to knowing what the Marauder’s Map is), but Ron’s well-meaning choice is always a good one. This proves to Harry how loyal he is (as if there is any doubt!), But it also allows Lupine to pretend he believes Harry, and reject Snape – who might otherwise have meted out punishment!


3 Help Hermione try to defend Buckbeak

Harry potter buckbeak

While this is a much bigger story arc in the books than the movies, Ron tries to help Hermione (and Hagrid) with Buckbeak’s defense – something that ends up failing, but still very well. intentioned. Considering how much Ron hates studying too, this is a big deal for him!

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They fail to win the case, but what they do do is strengthen their relationship – not just the friendship between Ron and Hermione, but also between Ron and Hagrid. Especially given how hard Ron is on Hermione during this school year, making the effort to do something he hates so much to help her is a big deal – and a great decision.

2 Fixing Things With Hermione

Crookshanks Hermione Ron prisoner of Azkaban

Along with helping Hermione with Buckbeak’s defense, Ron’s decision to mend his friendship with Hermione is one of his most momentous decisions in Prisoner of Azkaban. He’s been furious with her for so long because of Crookshanks and Scabbard, and it actually takes Hagrid’s incentive to sort things out – but if he hadn’t decided to do it, things would’ve really been ruined!

The friendship between Harry, Ron and Hermione is what really saves the Wizarding World, as neither of them could have defeated Voldemort on their own – so if Ron hadn’t made the effort to fix it at this point , that would have been a major problem! They might not even have gotten to this point in the series either, as it’s Hermione’s involvement in the final scenes of this book that saves the three Golden Trios (not to mention Sirius and Buckbeak).

1 Running after Croutard

In many ways, it was a reckless decision – choosing to dive after a house rat, when that means running towards a suspicious, dangerous-looking giant dog, isn’t smart! Given that it also meant running straight to the Whomping Willow – which Ron and Harry well know to be dangerous – it would seem like a completely ridiculous choice.

However, in the end, Harry potter fans know if Ron hadn’t done this everything would have been different. If Ron had let Scab on the run, Sirius would have grabbed him, killed him instantly, and spent the rest of his life running away – no one knowing he was innocent from the start. Instead, Ron’s seemingly dangerous decision led to the revealing of the truth and the realization of the truth by Harry and Lupine.

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