Ron Weasley was the victim of Lavender’s love potion

Ron Weasley got a famous dose of the love potion in Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, but was that the only time?

Even years after the release of the last book and film, the original Harry Potter The series is still popular and a ripe source for fan speculation. There’s plenty in the source material for dedicated fans to piece together information and come to some interesting conclusions.

One such theory comes from Reddit user EquivalentInflation, which posits that Ron Weasley was actually under the influence of a love potion – twice. Everyone knows Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince knows about Romilda Vane’s love potion, intended for Harry but which Ron accidentally ingested instead. But this theorist claims that Ron was also dosed by someone else: Lavender Brown.

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Ron and Lavender in HP6

The original poster gives several points that correspond to what is presented in Half-Blood Prince. The love potions cause an obsession, not a real connection, and Ron and Lavender’s relationship is quite superficial. The dosage only lasts 24 hours, according to Fred when describing them to his sister in Weasley Wizard Wheezes. The antidote Professor Slughorn gives Ron for Romilda’s love potion, according to the poster, also cured him of Lavender. They also cite ways, motives, and opportunities – Weasley Wizard Wheezes sells love potions, her and Ron showed a vague interest in each other, what the potion would push, and it’s all too easy to slipping something into someone’s drink at a party. .

This is of course not without avowed criticism. The poster is aimed at some, like people who are aware of love potions or Lavender not being one to buy a love potion, and contradicts them where Canon doesn’t support those claims. A reading of Half-Blood Prince supports the theory, but it also supports the counterclaims. Given that the book is littered with ill-thought-out romances and horny teenagers who don’t know how to express themselves in healthy ways, Ron didn’t need a love potion to connect with Lavender. As many commentators have pointed out, adolescence is often marked by relationships as superficial and physical as Lavender and Ron.

Also, Ron and Hermione were frequently at each other’s throats that year, something oddly exacerbated by Harry Potter himself. Between his continued Malfoy and Snape theories, his sudden potions stardom, and Ron reading too far into any interaction Hermione had with any boy – Harry included – most of their sixth year was spent with the trio without communication. As some commentators have said Ron was insecure and was on the peak of a Quidditch win and bonded with Lavender mainly to prove himself to his siblings and get revenge on Hermione , not necessarily because he had received a dose.

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Ron, Hermione, Lavender in potions

The idea that the romance starts to die out over the Christmas holidays has merit, as that’s when Ron’s feelings for Lavender start to cool, but it seems more due to her gift of a necklace than to a fading love potion, as he gets angry. to Fred and George for making fun of the relationship. Ron also responds positively to Lavender upon their return from Christmas vacation, which does not support the love potion theory, as the other example of a prolonged love potion influence – that of Merope Gaunt and Tom Riddle , Sr. – almost collapsed. immediately after Merope let the potion wear off. Ron and Lavender’s relationship begins to cool once the novelty and personal displays of affection wear off, and Lavender wants to get more serious, at which point Ron loses interest and, as one commenter put it, starts at the ghost.

And like the Half-Blood Prince book shows with Romilda’s love potion, if Ron was dosed he couldn’t think of anyone but her and would be aware it was dosed as soon as it wore off or an antidote was administered. Lavender, as some have pointed out, was more invested in the relationship than Ron, meaning that once the relationship served its purpose, Ron was done with her. It’s a silly move, as several have pointed out, and one that was intended to be a dig at Hermione – but since there are several other instances in the book where Ron is mean to others, such as kicking out a first year from a seat he wanted or mocking Moaning Myrtle is within the confines of his character.

That’s not to say it’s not an interesting or entirely baseless theory. What’s interesting is that it can easily swing back and forth – canon backs it up and refutes it. But when a 17-year-old book can still be seriously discussed, it shows that Harry Potter is still clearly an enjoyable series on its way to becoming a classic.

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