Real Harry Potter Wand Battles Teased By New Universal Parks Patent

A new patent filed by Universal Theme Parks teases a potential Harry Potter attraction that could see guests engage in a simulated wand battle.

New patent filed by Universal theme parks teases potential Harry Potter attraction that will allow guests to engage in a simulated magic wand battle. More than 10 years after the release of the last installment of the franchise, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 2the Magic world continues to dominate pop culture. As audiences immersed themselves in the magical world of Daniel Radcliffe’s Harry Potter and his life at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, the films explored young Harry’s experience of becoming a powerful wizard and embracing his destiny to defeat He Who Must Not Be Named Voldemort.


As the Magic world continues to attract new audiences, most recently with the release of the fantastic beasts and where to find them series, many wish to experience the magic for themselves. Universal Studios’ theme parks in Florida and Hollywood offer their own real-life versions of the Wizarding World, allowing guests to stroll through Hogsmeade Village and gaze at Hogwarts Castle in all its glory, Orlando guests also having the chance to visit the iconic Diagon Alley. These much-loved expansions have brought guests as close to the magic of the wizarding world as possible, and now it looks like Universal has another ground-breaking experience in the works.

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In a new patent filed by Universal, an all-new type of attraction appears to simulate a wand battle, much like the characters in the Harry Potter movies would engage in. Posted on the US Patent and Trademark Office website (via Orlando Park Stop) the patent proposes a “Interactive attraction with energy effect,which would see guests perform a specific move, which would then prompt a nearby emitter to release a beam of energy. Although the patent does not specifically state that it would be a wand battle type attraction, the description uses the phrase “hand that casts spellsreferring to the user performing the movements. Check out the images from the patent below:

It’s worth noting that not all of Universal’s filed patents come to fruition in the parks, but it certainly offers some insight into the kind of innovative ideas currently being hatched behind the scenes. Universal Parks is constantly working to bring new attractions to the public, especially with the recent opening of the jurassic world inspired VelociCoaster, as well as Universal Hollywood’s Super Nintendo World, which is slated to open next year. If however this new Magic world attraction was to come to the parks, it is speculated that it could be part of Universal Orlando’s latest expansion into a third park, Universal’s Epic Universe, rather than one of its pre-existing parks.

This exciting new patent not only offers a match for Potter fans, who could soon experience the thrill of a wand duel, but also offers a glimpse of the kind of innovative developments that could make their way to Universal’s theme parks at the future. . With ever-changing technology constantly bringing new magic to the Harry Potter franchise even beyond theme park attractions, the Magic worldThe legacy of continues to shine brighter than ever. While it may be too early to get those wands ready, many are certainly hoping to see this exciting new attraction make its way to Universal Parks.

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Source: US Patent and Trademark Office (Going through Orlando Park Stop)

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