Raspberry Pi Pico brings a “goblet of fire” to life

Nick Rufflio had magic in mind when he created this “Goblet of Fire‘, inspired by the fourth Harry Potter book of the same name. It is powered by a Raspberry Pi Pico and does more than just replicate the classic tumbler.

The best Raspberry Pi projects have a functional purpose and this project doubles as a potato chip bowl for the holidays. If you dip your chip in the bowl, the goblet will play audio as if the chip dip has been recognized as an entry for the TriWizard tournament.

Motion is detected using PID sensors. Pico handles all processing and triggers audio samples played back through an Adafruit audio amp and speaker bypass module when a dip is detected. A 7 neopixel ring is used to create light effects under the flames.

To build the tumbler, Rufflio placed all the materials inside a plastic food bowl from Ikea mounted on a 3D printed base taken from this model on Thingiverse. The unit was then painted gold with a top coat of bronze. The flames consist of sheets of holographic paper cut into shapes and installed between the two potato chip bowls.

To see this ‘goblet of fire’ in action, check out the original post shared with Twitter for a demo video and be sure to follow Nick Rufflio for some cooler projects.

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