Pumpkins in plumage: all eight “Harry Potter” films to air on Peacock for Halloween

After what will be a six-week stint on HBO Max, the eight Harry potter the films will return to NBCUniversal’s streaming service just in time for Halloween. On October 15, the magical movie franchise will exit HBO Max and resume streaming on Peacock for its next line of Halloween-themed content, “Peacocktober”.

Since the inception of HBO Max in May 2020, the Potter movies have bounced between HBO Max and Peacock so much that it often leaves fans scratching their heads, unsure of which streaming service to tune in when they want to dive back into the wizarding world. This is due to a pre-existing contract between Warner Bros. and NBCUniversal, which granted the latter the streaming rights to the beloved movie franchise. Therefore, this latest change is another expected but no less baffling change in the streaming house of the Potter movies.

Starting October 15, all eight “Harry Potter” movies will air on Peacock as part of its Halloween lineup called “Peacocktober”.

Over the past year, Warner Bros. has managed to bring the film series back on several occasions, such as the full-scale Back to Hogwarts event that took place earlier this month. While HBO Max has managed to air the franchise to celebrate this very specific occasion, in return, it looks like Peacock will retain the Potter movies for much more traditional holidays like Halloween. Based on Potter As the franchise moves between the two streamers over the past few months, it’s safe to predict the films will stick with Peacock for the first week of November, before returning to HBO Max in time for the 20th anniversary of Harry potter and the sorcerer’s stone.

After that, it’s hard to guess where he’ll land for the winter break since both streamers could benefit greatly from hosting the Potter series during the Christmas period. The deal between the two entertainment giants grants NBCUniversal the streaming rights to the Potter movies until 2021, so it would seem in Peacock’s best interest to keep the franchise as an ornament on his plumage before the terms expire.

However, considering that Warner Bros. managed to grab the films on HBO Max several times during the year, it remains to be seen whether Peacock would voluntarily relinquish streaming rights given his intermittence. There is a very strong possibility that this epic Harry potter The ping-pong match could last longer if the two companies can continue to share the streaming rights amicably.

All speculation aside, we know without a doubt that fans can expect the Boy Who Lived to carve pumpkins with the peacock this Halloween, starting October 15.

Do you believe that the streaming house for the Harry potter movie franchise will be settled soon? Have we discovered through this article that the Potter films are perfect for all occasions? Let us know what you think in the comments.

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