Political correctness will one day destroy Hollywood’s reputation

Photo of JK Rowling: VCG

The hashtag “how serious is the involution of Hollywood due to political correctness” began to appear on Chinese social media on Monday. The recent suffering of the British writer JK Rowling, the live action of Disney Snow White, the gay superhero of Marvel films… The batch of operations for political correctness in Hollywood has been satirized by many Chinese Internet users, and if Hollywood continues down this path, it will dig its own grave and someday destroy its reputation.

The most recent “joke” for most Chinese netizens came after Rowling failed to show up at the 20th anniversary celebrations of the Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone movie. Yes, it’s ironic: a writer who created great intellectual property was kicked out by those who adapted his work. But HBO Max has always insisted not to invite the writer for fear of being criticized for not having obeyed the rule of “political correctness”.

Another set of changes that have dropped the jaws of most Chinese netizens is that live-action adaptations of classic Disney works The Little Mermaid and Snow White have changed the protagonists from “white” to “black” and “Blend”. Latin American “. The most interesting part is that Gal Gadot, the bewitching woman who matches the beauty of whites, is going to play the Evil Queen in Snow White. Don’t you think the picture could be really weird?

These castings do not match people’s impressions of these classic characters. If Disney is serious about changing these characters for the sake of political correctness, it’s better to create more diverse characters rather than modifying these classic characters without any secondary creation.

How much are DC Comics and Marvel Studios willing to bet on political correctness? They keep changing their characters by introducing more minority groups.

The recently released Eternals show Marvel Studio’s first gay superhero kiss. However, this brave attempt did not help Marvel to win big at the box office in the global film market. Many countries have banned the release of Eternals.

They made the decision not to perform better both in terms of reputation and the market, but mainly because of political correctness.

Watch the 2020 Oscars, even many filmmakers and Western media have started to poke fun at the Oscars for getting too “politically correct.”

The New York Post wrote the article “Political Correctness at the 2020 Oscars Exposes Hollywood Hypocrisy.”

The Los Angeles Times reported on some of the new criteria for the Oscar for Best Picture for 2024. One of the criteria that filmmakers can meet is, “At least one of the main cast or major supporting cast is from an under-represented racial or ethnic group. “

Political correctness is the current trend in Hollywood. And while some filmmakers noticed it, they couldn’t make a lot of changes.

The BBC once interviewed famous American actor, comedian and film producer Mel Brooks who said: “We have become stupidly politically correct”.

If Hollywood continues to evolve like this, movies won’t look better, the box office won’t be higher, and actors won’t have access to as many roles.

In 2018, Scarlett Johansson had to quit the trans movie Rub and Tug amid a backlash from the trans group and activists.

English actor Eddie Redmayne said in an interview that he regretted playing Danish transgender artist Lili Elbe in The Danish Girl, saying “it was a mistake”.

This shows that Hollywood’s political correctness is often lip service and has not really given more opportunities to more transgender actors, but just like a ‘cheap charity’ to minority groups. .

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