Philip Pullman clearly says he’s “anti-transphobia”

Author Philip Pullman. (Getty / MJ Kim)

Its dark materials author Philip Pullman has made it very clear that he is “anti-transphobiaWhile also condemning JK Rowling’s online abuse.

This week, Rowling shared a death threat she received on Twitter, before describing the “hundreds” of others she received.

The discussion led to a build-up of “gender-critical feminists,” claiming that trans people and trans rights activists are collectively responsible for the anonymous commentary.

While there is no evidence that the horrific threat came from a so-called “trans activist,” the speech forced many trans people to point out that they too were receiving death threats, in addition to violence and discrimination in their daily lives, all because of their gender identity.

Pullman replied to a collection of tweets intended for Rowling with writing on Twitter: “This kind of abuse is pitiful, despicable, despicable.”

A “gender-critical feminist” jumped at her response, assuming that because Pullman condemned death threats, he must agree with Rowling’s views on trans people.

They said, “Please talk more then, Philip. Stand up for her and other women who experience this kind of abuse.

“You seem to have been on the fence on this issue, sending mixed messages. It would be nice if you would jump and stand up for women.

Pullman was quick to clarify: “My views on this issue are not mixed.

“I am anti-harassment, anti-abuse of all kinds, and also anti-transphobia. How dare you accuse me of sending mixed messages and standing on the fence?

“How dare you assume that if I’m pro-trans, I must be anti-women?” “

Philip Pullman suggested that Its dark materials the characters could be LGBT +

In the Philip Pullman trilogy Its Dark Matter, the characters have demons, manifestations of their inner selves in the form of animals.

Most of the time, daemons are of the opposite sex, but some are of the same sex, which suggests that these characters are members of the LGBT + community.

The theory was recently revived when a TV adaptation was released on BBC and HBO, but over two decades ago, Pullman suggested it was correct.

In 2000, the author, who criticized religious discrimination against LGBT + people, said: “Sometimes, without a doubt, people have a daemon of the same sex.

“It could indicate homosexuality, or it could indicate some other kind of gift or quality, like second sight.

“I don’t know. But I don’t need to know everything about what I’m writing.

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