Owl House becomes a queer-friendly alternative to Harry Potter

The owl house quickly attracted a large audience. Despite this, Disney determined that the series did not fit its brand image and therefore canceled the series, with the final season consisting of three 44-minute specials to wrap up the storyline and the back half of season 2 rushing quickly. in most of the story. Either way, the show is fully committed to continuing to be relentlessly queer, introducing Disney’s first non-binary character and the strange little world of The owl house.

In a world full of witches and obvious references to other wizarding worlds, one can’t help but notice the similarities and differences between the show and the Harry Potter series. JK Rowling‘s Wizarding World has come under fire in recent years for its problematic treatment of gay and trans issues. The most recent entry in the fantastic beasts The franchise was recently changed to remove the few gay references that were present, further spoiling the series. As more and more Pottermores seek out a world that treats their sexuality as legitimate and important, they could do far worse than The owl house.

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The Owl House is a queer coming-of-age story

Fans flocked to the series Our flag means death for its flippant treatment of same-sex relationships, which, despite being central to the story, are not emphasized for their homosexuality. It’s bizarre, and shameless, but the conflict isn’t gay; it’s love. The owl house fights against a genocide of the inhabitants of the world at the hands of an outcast and a madman. It’s not about fighting to be queer. It just has characters that are.

Luz and Amity, the show’s main couple, had an arc of enemies to lovers. It’s a lot like Harry and Draco’s relationship at first, but instead of just shutting down her new enemy, Luz helps her see the good in herself and others. Luz isn’t just a hopeful girl; she trusts too much. She has too much ambition. She’s relentlessly weird, which is endearing, but turns out to land her in a series of scratches. Like Harry’s Everyman-but-rich qualities, Luz represents the weird phase everyone went through in middle school and feels applicable to almost everyone in that way, making her a perfect coming-of-age protagonist.

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The Owl House trumps the Wizarding World of Harry Potter

The world of The owl house features not just one magic system, but more than ten. A bardic magick system projects hard light constructs and chemical changes from music. Abominations are semi-sentient creatures or semi-organic augmentation. The magic systems alone are a well-executed system which is a brilliant compliment and improvement for Harry Pottersystem based on the Latin incantation.

Moreover, the world of The owl house is intentionally different from the tropes of most magical worlds. Two major and unique sports parodies Harry Potter‘s, one of which features a parody of the snitch that a character interrogates as eliminating the efforts of all other players, a point of contention in the world of Harry Potter. Trope upon trope are reversed. Even Eda The Owl Lady is said to be an ostensibly evil witch due to her addiction to wild magic and dropping out of school, but she loves and cares just as deeply as any other character.

Although certainly not Harry PotterThe world of The owl house showed the Boiling Isles as a brilliant gay-friendly alternative. By constructing a narrative free from the assumptions of fantasy, it is unique and complex, with abundant space for fan theories. By fully embracing his queer character, he shows an even greater idea of ​​”be yourself” than Harry Potterof the world. The owl house is ultimately about embracing others, and it really shows through its narrative choices.

The Owl House is currently available to stream on Disney+.

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