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With Tom Holland recently revealing his love for the Lillywhites in an interview with GQ, I thought we should go through a list of our most famous fans.

Trying to compile this list has been difficult, we have a lot of very famous fans from all over the world, however, I tried to narrow the list down to just twelve.

The order is not totally based on world fame, I also took into account their involvement in and around the club for a few of the nominees.

I’m sure I missed part of this list and I’m also willing to admit that there was a bias when putting together this list as well.

1. Adele

Without question, our most famous fan is Adele. Born and raised in Seven Sisters, the 15 Grammy Award winner has been seen repeatedly holding a Tottenham flag above her head during our home games. There is even a clip of her on youtube surrounding our ‘Glory, Glory Tottenham Hotspur.’

2. Tom Holland

The newest member of the Tottenham fan base is one of the brightest young movie stars and current Spiderman, Tom Holland. As mentioned earlier, he revealed with GQ that he would like to see a Tottenham match against Brentford, as he pledges allegiance to Tottenham and his uncle Brentford. As a huge Holland fan I’m more than happy to claim him as a Lilywhite.

3. JK Rowling

The author of Harry Potter and one of the most famous writers to ever live is a Tottenham fan. This is said to be due to the fact that the majority of his family support the north London-based club. If the team were even half as creative as JK Rowling, we might start to see goals.

4. Sir Alan Sugar

The host of the hit series “The Apprentice” and former president and co-owner of the club is still very vocal on social media when it comes to Tottenham. His famous slogan “You’re fired” would have been useful with Nuno’s recent sacking.

5. Sir Trevor McDonald

Sir Trevor McDonald will always be associated with “ITV News at 10”, but his work to get the black community to broadcast files sadly often under the radar. He is a pioneer in making the broadcasting industry more inclusive. Since retiring from broadcasting he has turned to documentaries, especially his work around the minds and lives of murderers.

6. Bruce Forsyth

The late Bruce Forsyth was credited by Guinness World Records as having the longest career for a male presenter on British television. He was one of the greatest TV presenters to be honored, he was a Spurs fan his entire life. Although he has a soft spot for Arsenal because during the war they played their matches at White Hart Lane.

7. Chas and Dave

If you know anything about Tottenham you will know how much we love Chas & Dave. Their paths crossed with Tottenham in the early ’80s and songs such as “Ossies Dream” can still resonate in the ground to this day. They will always have a place in the hearts of Spurs loyalists. Sadly, Chas passed away in 2018, but he will always be remembered.

8. Steve Nash

Steve Nash is someone some of our readers may not have heard of. If you are from America, I would be extremely surprised if you didn’t. The NBA superstar has been a two-time MVP and eight-time All-Star. He was introduced to the club by his father who grew up less than a mile from White Hart Lane. His brother even played and scored once for the club. There’s even a video of him crying tears of joy after our famous Champions League win against Ajax.

9. AJ Tracey

This one is completely skewed and I’m willing to admit it. AJ is one of my favorite artists. Compared to the rest of the roster, he might not be such a household name, however, his relationship with the club takes him up the roster. He still interacts with fans on Twitter and his love for the club cannot be questioned. Our third 19/20 kit was promoted by AJ Tracey and he constantly refers to the club in his songs.

10. Sir Kenneth Branagh

Branagh is well known for his work in Shakespeare’s world, but he’s also Tottenham through and through. In an interview with TalkSport, he controversially revealed that in his all-time eleven he would put Bale at left-back. It shows that he knows Bale started at left-back, however, I think the disrespect for Rose here is unwarranted.

11. Jude Law

Another Hollywood superstar is breaking into the list. Law has been spotted watching Tottenham from the stands on numerous occasions and has even visited the training ground before. He also had a short interview with the club after our qualification for the Champions League in 2010.

12. Michael McIntyre

The London-based comedian is another big Tottenham fan and is known to see plenty of tag team matches. He was spotted in a match against West Ham in 2019 looking extremely frustrated in a 1-0 against our London rivals. It’s good to know that even celebrities can get mad at the club we all love… or hate depending on the kind of performance the team puts on.

Honorable mentions

The late Roger Lloyd-Pack (trigger of “Only Fools and Horses”)

Ben Stokes (English cricketer)

Mark Wahlberg (Hollywood super star)

Matthew Horne (Gavin and Stacey)

Super Hans (Character from ‘Peep Show’)

Please let us know if we missed any of your favorites in the comments below!

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