Online Hogwarts Houses Tournament

This trivia game for muggles sounds like a hoot.

If you have read all Harry Potter books and/or watched the movies multiple times, you’re probably incredibly familiar with the wizarding world. You know what will happen if you sing Wingardium leviosa, can name all the Weasley kids, and would sell your Firebolt for just one sip of Felix Felicis. It’s time to put that knowledge to the test.

Harry Potter: Hogwarts Houses Tournament is a special event that sees Harry Potter superfans compete for the coveted House Cup. Which house will turn out to be the most scholarly?

Your money might be on Ravenclaw, but we’re guessing every contestant studied harder for it than Hermione did for her Ordinary Sorcery Levels (OWL). The odds are stacked. Encourage your favorites and have fun!

When Harry Potter: Hogwarts Houses Tournament to go out?

Harry Potter: Hogwarts Houses Tournament premieres in Australia on Saturday January 15. All 4 episodes will drop at the same time.

How to watch Harry Potter: Hogwarts Houses Tournament in Australia

The most affordable way to watch the special is with the BINGE streaming service. outraged Harry Potter: Hogwarts Houses Tournament, you get access to a whole bunch of TV shows and movies, plus kids’ shows, reality TV, and docos.

All Harry Potter films are available on BINGE, as well as on Harry Potter 20th Anniversary: ​​Return to Hogwarts meeting. Other highlights include Euphoria season 2, new superhero show Peacemaker and original series Love me.

BINGE subscriptions start at $10 per month, but new users get 14 days free. You can cancel your subscription at any time.

Fans can also watch Harry Potter: Hogwarts Houses Tournament with Foxtel. The first episode airs Saturday, January 15 on Fox8 or you can watch it on demand.

You can also stream the special event with Foxtel Now. Fox8 is part of the Essentials channel pack, which costs $25 per month. New users get a 10-day free trial. The free trial gives access to all channel packs.

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Harry Potter: Hogwarts Houses Tournament Overview

The special is a game show with Harry Potter trivial questions. Representatives – or Harry Potter fans – from the 4 Hogwarts houses face off in epic battles to see who really knows this complex universe inside and out. It’s like the Quidditch Cup at Hogwarts, but instead of stealing, the competition tests the knowledge of wizards.

Harry Potter: Hogwarts Houses Tournament is hosted by Helen Mirren and features fun guest appearances by Harry Potter actors and other celebrities. Similar to the reunion special, this event celebrates the 20th anniversary of the film series – Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone came out in 2001.

Does that sound silly? Sure, but I’m sure we can all do with a little more magic and fantasy right now. For a superior viewing experience, we recommend watching with family or friends and trying to answer the questions yourself.

A little competition never hurt anyone. Whether you’re an ambitious Slytherin or a hardworking Hufflepuff, only your vast Harry Potter know-how will help you stand out.

Harry Potter: Hogwarts Houses Tournament trailer

Learn more about BINGE via our dedicated BINGE review. Or, feel free to compare more streaming services here.

Image source: BINGE/Warner Bros. Entertainment

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