One of the biggest box office bombs of all time is causing a stir on Netflix

Had Deadly Engines happened a few years earlier when Harry potter, The Twilight Saga and The hunger Games proved that YA’s literary adaptations were made for viable multi-billion dollar box office behemoths, so it may have been far more successful.

Sadly, the trend was long gone by the time the film hit theaters in December 2018, and recent history had been littered with the bones of a thousand failed franchise creators based on popular books. In the end, despite the talent involved, Deadly Engines ended in one of the biggest flops of all time.

Peter Jackson’s name has been slapped all over marketing, with The Lord of the Rings preferred production and meeting with Middle-earth collaborators Fran Walsh and Philippa Boyens to write the script, but even the awards-laden dream team couldn’t save Deadly Engines disaster.

A transport of $ 83 million against a budget of $ 150 million would have seen Universal take a financial blow of $ 175 million once the costs of marketing and distribution are factored in, with critics and audiences left out by the turgid dystopian action adventure.

Deadly Engines has enjoyed streaming success before, and it’s back after cracking Netflix’s most-watched list this weekend, according to FlixPatrol.

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