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Beast Kingdom Harry Potter Egg Attack Figures | Source: Beast Kingdom / The Pop Insider

Put on your Hogwarts robes and dust off your wand as Beast Kingdom celebrates the film’s 20th anniversary Harry potter and the sorcerer’s stone!

The company’s Entertainment Experience brand has released a series of 3-inch Mini Egg Attack figures featuring all of your favorite characters from the Harry Potter movies. The lineup includes Harry Potter and Hedwig, Hagrid, the ghostly Moaning Myrtle, Severus Snape, Dobby, Dumbledore, Hermoine with Crookshanks, Ron and Croutard, and a limited edition Harry Potter in his Quidditch uniform.

The figures are packaged in foil bags and come with their own stands. These characters are based on the previous films, so superfans may notice Hagrid carrying his pink umbrella from the Diagon Alley scene in the sorcerer’s stone and Hedwig (RIP) is still alive, faithfully perched on Harry’s arm.

Harry Potter Mini Egg Attack figures are available for pre-order now at Fans can purchase a set of eight for $ 87.99, which includes everything but the limited edition Harry Quiddich. This design is sold separately for $ 11.99. It’s also limited to just 2,000 coins worldwide, so you’d better Apparate to the Beast Kingdom website now before they’re all gone!

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