Netflix users divided over JK Rowling reference

netflix users were left split on a JK Rowling reference in The sand man.

Friday (August 19), two weeks after the Neil Gaiman the adaptation is out, two bonus episodes have been added to the streaming servicearousing the enthusiasm of the fans of the show

In the second part, written by Catherine Smyth-McMullen, the The author of Harry Potter is referenced in a scene occurring at the book launch of fictional writer Richard Madoc (Arthur Darvill).

The scene, set in August 2020, reveals that “every major studio wants a piece” of Madoc, with the author to work with “anyone who lets him write and direct” the film adaptation of his novel.

One character then says, “They won’t even let Jo Rowling write and direct,” to which the other replies, “Jo Rowling needs a new agent. Tell him to call me.”

In recent years, Rowling has made headlines for sharing her views on transgender rights. She first encountered a backlash in June 2020 after denounce the use in an article of the expression “menstruating”. “I’m sure there was a word for these people,” she wrote, adding, “Someone help me. Wumben? Wimpund? Woomud? »

The scene took place two months after the controversy, which earned him criticism as “anti-trans” and “transphobic”.

Some viewers read the reference to Rowling needing a “new agent” as a dig at Rowling.

“OOOOOOOH MY GOD DROP IT AT JK ROWLING I’M SCREAMING,” read one of several tweets, with another reading: “Not Neil Gaiman shading Jo Rowling on Sand seller.”

However, others have called out the show for reference; some thought it was merely a nod to the author’s success, while others felt Rowling’s mention detracted from their enjoyment of the series.

Tom Sturridge in “The Sandman” (Netflix)

“New Sand seller the episode mentions JK Rowling in a positive light,” a fan wrote, adding, “They didn’t need to do that lol, holy s***.

Rowling recently found herself embroiled in a high level argument with the author Joanne Harris after claiming she didn’t support her when she received death threats on his views on transgender people.

The author’s accusations relate to Chocolate writer Harris’ position as head of the Society of Authors union and Rowling’s controversial views on trans politics, and came after British-Indian author Salman Rushdie was stabbed on stage in New York on Friday August 12.

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