Movies that shouldn’t be remade

Remakes have been a popular trend in Hollywood over the years. Rather than creating something original, movie studios jumped at the chance to recreate a popular movie or series because they knew it worked the first time. But, fans often have other thoughts and feelings. While some reboots can retain critical elements, while creating something new and different, others struggle to do as well or better than the original. Given how difficult it can be to get a decent remake, if a movie needs to be remade, it probably should be given some serious consideration before moving forward. But just because Hollywood has occasionally pulled off a remake doesn’t mean certain movies or franchises need to be remade.

Sometimes, once or twice is enough to see that an adaptation or remake of something just won’t work or live up to the hype the media is trying to build around it. While the graphics of older films may be dated, audiences are willing to ignore them for the sake of the story in a thrilling and emotional narrative. Other stories have simply done it so well the first time around, that recreating it is just asking for trouble.

So, which movies or franchises should never be remade?

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seven Harry Potter

Whether for controversy Harry Potter franchise seems to continue to find itself, or that the original films do a great job of adapting the novels, this series should be left alone. Although the film adaptations have never managed a perfect on-screen version of the books, the films have succeeded as one of the biggest franchises. Every attempt to restart the universe, be it the public Harry Potter and the Cursed Child or the never good enough fantastic beasts fallout, have only continued to suggest that Harry Potter the franchise is losing its magic. Let the novels and films rest in the knowledge that they successfully told the story of Harry Potter as a young wizard turned savior of the world.


6 Marvel Cinematic Universe

Given that this franchise is still ongoing, the MCU has a better chance of never dying than being remade anyway. But, one of the most critical reasons why it should be left alone is that it is gigantic. The MCU started with Iron Man in 2008, and continues to expand over a decade later with plans to continue expanding the ever-expanding universe. So between the huge reach of the movies, the Disney+ original series, and battling public devotion and love for the franchise, the MCU, when it does eventually come to an end, should be left to its own victory. as a successful and beloved franchise, rather than forcing a complete recreation of every character and story that was already told beautifully the first time around.

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5 The Mortal Instruments

Unfortunately, The Mortal Instruments the novels never found a truly suitable interpretation for screen adaptation. 2013 The Mortal Instruments: City of Darkness was the first attempt at adapting a novel for the screen. Unfortunately, the film never matches the spirit of the books. While franchises such as Harry Potter and the Marvel Cinematic Universe succeed without knowing the source material, The Mortal Instruments makes a movie much easier to understand with prior knowledge of the books. Unfortunately, watching the movie alone makes it nearly impossible to understand what’s going on or the stakes involved.

In 2016, Freeform retried with a television adaptation of the novels with its series, Shadow Hunters. Although Shadow Hunters was more successful, it still couldn’t reach the intensity of the stories. Although The Mortal Instruments the books are filled with intense twists, perhaps it is better to leave a series of novels rather than a third attempt at adaptation.

4 Ferris Bueller’s day off

If there was a movie that encouraged kids to take a day off from school once in a while, this was it. Ferris Bueller’s day off is the embodiment of every child’s dream. Pretending to be sick for the day to skip school and spend time with friends, experiencing fun activities such as baseball games and parades that one would not have experienced if they had experienced their life as planned is one element that makes this such a beloved film. Ferris Bueller’s day off is filled with iconic moments, and given its success, it’s a movie that should be left alone.

The film relies on its main character’s charisma and an oddly comedic conflict with her sister and the school principal to pull off some of the film’s most quirky aspects.

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3 Back to the future

The Back to the future trilogy ensured that every element of the franchise was essential. Small details in the background about who the politician was, to the exposition of how Marty’s parents met played a vital role when Marty accidentally found himself in 1955. Back to the future set the bar for understanding how time travel works, and each of the trilogies used story elements and details in different ways depending on what time Marty and Doc met. Back to the future part 2 builds on the first film, showing a glimpse of what 2015 was supposed to look like, while Back to the future part 3 took him back to the old west.

But, Back to the future part 3 knew he had to work things out and used his final moments to show Marty making a different choice, a choice that erased his future from the problems his future self would face in 2015. A remake would likely rely on gimmicks to recognize the original trilogy without the small details that help fill out the big picture.

2 The princess to be married

If you are looking for an action, adventure, romance and comedy film, The princess to be married is a guaranteed success. The princess to be married takes on its meaning from a book-movie adaptation, with the main story unfolding as a bedtime story. The princess to be married creates a fantasy world that never fails to be charming and witty in unexpected and comical ways. It’s a remarkable film that understands exactly what it aims to do and accomplishes it. The film is filled with iconic moments and beautifully presents a parody of love stories while telling its own. This one is best left alone, fun as parody movies can be. The princess to be married was so successful in his business that there would be no point in recreating him.

1 Revenge of a Blonde

Elle Woods is determined to prove her smug ex-boyfriend, Warner, wrong after he breaks up with her in an attempt to suggest he needs to take his future seriously. Warner plans to transfer to Harvard Law School, and Elle knows she can show him that she can be the exact type of woman Warner planned to marry. Revenge of a Blonde is much more than a woman trying to impress a man. Elle Woods proves to be an innovative and dedicated student, her upbeat personality and interest in pop culture having no negative effect on her efforts to make her way through law school. Elle Woods ends up doing something much bigger than getting back together with Warner. She impresses herself with her new knowledge of law and finds a passion in it, eventually becoming valedictorian and surpassing Warner in every way.

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