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Since Taken rejuvenated the career of Liam Neeson, the Irish actor has become something of an aged action star. Memory is the latest thriller to feature him in such a role that he is joined by other popular stars like Guy Pearce and Monica Bellucci. Neeson’s co-stars also include actors with diverse pop culture pursuits, such as Ray Stevenson who has played two Marvel characters so far, and Ray Fearon who has voiced creatures in the Harry Potter cinematic universe.

In all, Memory has a promising cast that adds depth to the premise of a seasoned assassin struggling with old age and severe memory loss. Except Ray Fearon (who appeared in 2017 the stranger), the film also marks the first collaboration between director Martin Campbell and the rest of the ensemble.


Stella Stocker – Fury (2014)

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Brad Pitt and Stella Stocker sit at a table and look sullen in a photo from Fury

Stella Stocker appears in a supporting role in Memory. Avid viewers would recognize her for another brief but impactful role in the 2014 World War II drama Fury. With an ensemble cast led by Brad Pitt, Fury takes a humanistic look at warfare from the perspective of an American tank unit.

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As the soldiers slaughter the Nazis, they also battle their own inner demons that have emerged from the daily conflict. In one particular scene, Pitt’s team has a dark lunch with a widowed German woman, played by Stocker. As the awkward silence sets in, the film’s themes of violence and redemption are perfectly conveyed with limited dialogue.

Harold Torres – ZeroZeroZero (2019-2020)

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Harold Torres holding a gun and opening a car door in ZeroZeroZero

Taking its name from the purest form of cocaine, ZeroZeroZero traces the intercontinental drug journey from the perspective of Americans, Mexicans and Italians associated with organized crime. Joining the set with Gabriel Byrne, Dane DeHaan and others is Memory former student Harold Torres.

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Torres stars as Manuel Quinteras, a soldier affiliated with the Mexican military who also has the Leyra brothers, a family of Mexican drug traffickers. Torres’ performance was acclaimed for the actor who struck a balance between the heartless and vulnerable sides of the character.

Taj Atwal – Hull Lifters (2022-)

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Taj Atwal standing next to a gate at Hullraisers

Playing an FBI agent, British actress Taj Atwal is having a great 2022 as the year also marked her sitcom debut Hull lifters. As the title suggests, the show is set in the British port city of Hull.

Hull lifters deals with the daily misadventures of several residents of the titular city, Rana of Atwal being one such citizen. She is a diligent policewoman but has an unstable life. She is also best friends with series protagonist Toni, played by Leah Brotherhead. For those looking for new-age British sitcoms, Hull lifters may be a good option.

Ray Fearon – Wizarding World Series (2001-)

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While Ray Fearon has his fair share of live-action roles like his most recent in Memory, one of his most famous screen credits is a character that relies solely on voice effects. Starting with Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s StoneFearon provided the voice of Albus Dumbledore’s pet phoenix called Fawkes for several other films in the Harry Potter series.

In fact, Fearon went on to reprise the role in the fantastic beasts trilogy that serves as a prequel to the Harry Potter lore, including the final installment Dumbledore’s secrets. With multiple appearances, Fawkes is certainly one of Harry Potter’s most iconic magical creatures.

Louis Mandylor – My Fat Greek Wedding (2002)

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John Corbett and Louis Mandylor seated next to each other in My Big Fat Greek Wedding

A beloved romantic comedy from the 2000s, My Fat Greek Wedding deals with the chaos that ensues within his family after a woman of Greek descent offers to marry a non-Greek. Louis Mandylor established himself as one of the best performers, playing the role of Nick Portokalos, the heroine’s brother.

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Unlike the rest of his family, Nick instantly approves of his sister’s fiancé. He is shown to be an open-minded person as he also wishes to give up his father’s cooking business and pursue a career in the arts instead.

Ray Stevenson – Punisher: War Zone (2008)

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Ray Stevenson as Frank Castle in Punisher: War Zone in 2008

Introduced as a local detective helping the FBI to Memory, Irish actor Ray Stevenson is known in the MCU as Thor’s faithful companion, Volstagg. However, his date with Marvel began with Punisher: Warzonethe third cinematic attempt to adapt Punisher’s hyperviolent stories from the comic books.

war zone stand out from others Punisher movies and superhero films in general at that time, as they didn’t focus on the origin of the character. Instead, Stevenson’s Punisher continues with its usual vigilantism with viewers getting a glimpse of his past to piece together. While the plot may not impress loyal comic book fans, there are enough innovative actions to set it apart from other Marvel films. Dominic West appearing as the Marvel comic book villain Jigsaw is an added bonus.

Guy Pearce – Mare of Easttown (2021)

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Mare dances slowly with a man on Mare of Easttown

When it comes to Memory, the character of Guy Pearce plays the leader of an FBI investigation team. However, in the HBO miniseries, he takes the back seat as Kate Winslet’s heroine takes charge of law enforcement.

Introduced as a writer in the thriller miniseries, Pearce’s character acts as a romantic interest for the titular character of Easttown Mare. Since everyone on the show seems to be a suspect in the murder of a young woman in Easttown, it’s only natural that viewers even suspect the novelist. The constant thrills the series provides keep audiences guessing the identity of the killer until the very end, subverting the familiar tropes of the procedural crime thriller genre.

Monica Bellucci – Shoot ‘Em Up (2007)

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Monica Bellucci holding a coat in Shoot 'Em Up

French actress and model Monica Bellucci appears in Memory as an influential real estate developer with criminal connections. Ranging from international productions like Irreversible and Malena to Hollywood blockbusters like the second and third entry in the Matrix deductible and SpectrumBellucci had a brilliant career.

A more low-key action thriller in his filmography is Kill them in which she co-starred with Clive Owen and Paul Giamatti. She plays a sex worker named Donna who assists protagonist Owen on her quest to save a newborn baby as a larger conspiracy is unraveled. Kill them was particularly noted for its over-the-top action sequences and is arguably one of the most underrated action films of the 2000s.

Liam Neeson – Kinsey (2004)

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Liam Neeson is no stranger to biopics with one of his most acclaimed films being that of Steven Spielberg Schindler’s list in which he plays the German industrialist Oskar Schindler. However, one of his underrated biopics from the following decade would be Kinseythe life story of visionary sexologist Alfred Kinsey.

The film documents his controversial life as he attempted to classify human sexual behavior and associated taboos within the larger framework of scientific research. Neeson’s performance drew rave reviews and Kinsey appeared on several critics’ year-end lists in 2004.

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