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After making a career out of screaming fanaticism on the internet, Fitzroy’s wife Charlotte Meredith-Thistlethwaite (30) has now proven that she too is prone to a bit of old-fashioned prejudice.

In 2015 she was banging on the drum so as not to judge all Muslims by the actions of all a few chosen lunatics in Paris and Syria, in 2017 she demanded that the public not judge all Lena Dunham fans by the actions of Lena Dunham.

In 2019, she joined the fight to make sure the LGBTI community was not left out of her favored brand of feminism after watching the late JK Rowling on Twitter.

However, September 2021 was difficult for Charlotte.

As the daughter of an investment banker father and part-time patron mother, Charlotte has received a well-rounded education that gives her the tools to dismantle the oppressive racist and sexist structures that exist in society. today.

But after what she saw unfold in the streets of Melbourne’s CBD over the weekend, Charlotte couldn’t help but speak of her city’s blue-collar workers with utter contempt.

The sausage festival which was the bizarre protests outside CFMEU offices on Monday, and the riots that followed since the state government ordered a brutal two-week ban on construction work – has only done reaffirm the deep contempt she inherited from her parents for overweight people who drink energy drinks.

It helps that she doesn’t know any of these men except maybe black ones, doesn’t know what ‘Naarm’ means. And the fact that the only women there were conspirators – but now Charlotte finds herself in a position where she is outraged by anyone wearing high visibility.

Walking through Fitzroy today, those barely subconscious biases were exposed for all to see, as a man wearing a helmet and PPE work clothes walked on the same side of the street as her.

Without even thinking, Charlotte squeezes her purse closer, in case this uneducated animal tries to cough on her – because she now feels like her town’s 500,000 blue-collar workers are all anti-vaccine criminals.

The shopkeeper, a local surveyor who was helping an old lady cross the street at the time, is fortunate not to see Charlotte dehumanize him with her body language.

However, commercial community service is misinterpreted as a direct violation of Dan Andrews’ orders. Charlotte is no longer oblivious to her discrimination.

“Look at him,” Charlotte said, her lips dripping with class venom.

“It’s like he doesn’t understand the 1.5 meter rule. He literally touches the grocery store of those old ladies.

“That’s how close he is to her. These morons spend too much time on YouTube “

“I bet you he hasn’t even finished school”

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