Last minute gift ideas from local independent booksellers

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The holidays are in full swing and Christmas is upon us. And with all the rush and the wrapping going on, it can be tough to get those final perfect gifts for the people on your list. Luckily, San Diego is home to some great independent bookstores, and we thought we’d check with a few of them to get their book recommendations for those minute giveaways. First, we hear from Seth Marco, part owner of the Book Catapult in South Park. You

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Know, a couple, my favorite books for the year have been, uh, Anthony do cloud cuckoo earth, which has become a huge bestseller. It’s his follow-up of his Pulitzer Prize winner to the end, we can’t see that cloud K land has a weird title, but it’s, uh, it’s just a great story about, you know, that t is in a way the preservation of, of history, you know it is about libraries and their importance in society. He kind of has a way of telling a story that ties all of these different characters together over time. I mean, I mean this, like, you know, part is told in the noble constant seat in the 14 hundred, and then there’s a contemporary storyline, and then there’s another story that’s, you know, way into the future and they all connect together, uh, where it kind of shows the, you know, the, the fin wires that connect people.

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One of my other favorite books this year, also fictional, is by Lauren GRA, called The Matrix, which didn’t get quite the attention I thought it would. I mean, she’s pretty well known. She is, I think, a two-time national book award finalist for her last two books. And it’s a historic expulsion that takes place in the 12th century. And it’s about this woman who’s in court for Eleanor Acutane and who’s, you know, sort of rejected by the court and sent to live in a Nury in the English countryside where she becomes that Nury’s ACE. and, and turns it into that kind of feminist utopia. It’s a really, really well told story, just beautiful language, but such a compelling character really surprised me. It’s one of my favorite books that I prefer to talk about this year, that’s for sure. It’s just a couple who, that I really liked. There are many more

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It was Seth Marco, co-owner of the Book Catapult, located at 30 10 B Juniper street in South Park. Her choices were again cloud neck land by do and matrix by Lauren gruff. Next, we move on to a mysterious galaxy where Store Manager Kelly Arazi has a few of her picks in the sci-fi fantasy genre.

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So one of my favorite books for the intermediate level coming out this year just released a few months ago is Donna Barbara’s Clean Tea’s Last Leg, one here it’s a beautiful sci-fi novel. thought-provoking, where the main character is one of the lucky few humans who chose to embark on the last humanities spaceship before ACOM destroyed Earth. Uh, so she and a privileged few are put into stasis. They are supposed to wake up 400 years in the future on their way to a whole new planet and perpetuate the human race. But when the main character wakes up, uh, she’s the only one with memories of Earth. Um, and she longs to share and protect the stories of the earth. So it’s a big mystery, uh, what’s going on and what’s really behind all of the missing memories while also being a gripping glimpse of this main character who just wants to share the story of the earth through storytelling.

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It’s science fiction that gives the pulse, but it’s also a heartbreaking testament to the power of storytelling. And I just love this book. The next book I would recommend and recommend is Under the Whispering Door by TJ CLO. It’s one of my favorite books of the year. I love TJ CLO. You wrote Home in This Sea last year, and it was my, one of my favorite favorite books. It got me through the pandemic and under the whispering door it’s about a man dying and going into some kind of afterlife. It is not paradise. It’s not hell. And the person waiting for him is a kind of Fairman who guides souls to the ultimate afterlife. And it’s their story of getting to know each other and falling in love, which is quite beautiful. And it’s a story that makes you think it’s a story that makes you laugh and you can’t help but root everyone involved. I love this book. Another book is titled Legend Born by Traci Dion. Um, he has magical demons and a century-old secret society discovered by King Arthur. It has themes of family and country questions, trauma and duty, and of course it has a lot of love and a lot of magic. It was

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Kelly Arazi of Mysterious Galaxy Books located at 35 55 Rose Cran Street in San Diego. Kelly’s picks were again Donna Barra’s latest ESA under the whispered door of TJ CLO and the born legend of Traci Deion.

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I got so many books you gon ‘tell me to probably quit

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It’s the bookseller, Maryanne Reinder of Laia Books. At the Loma point. Here is her

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Choice. I have, uh, Louis RI’s quote and this one is a really good book because it’s actually set in a little bookstore in Minneapolis. And the bookstore is stalked by flora. One of his most annoying customers who has passed away and will not leave the store and TKI, the bookseller must solve the mystery of this hunt and the book takes place during the months of November 2019 and November 2020. So it is also obviously very high pressure weather in the Minneapolis area. And TKI also faces the year of mourning, isolation and judgment in its city. Another one that I really loved and that we also have in the store called oh, beautiful by John WUN. This is the story of Eleanor Henson, a former model. Who is around four years old and struggles to reinvent herself as a freelance writer. And that is until she is sent on a mission to the main region of North Dakota, where the oil boom dramatically changes the landscape and the people who live there and Eleanor is sent there, for many reasons, but also because she grew up in this area as, uh, the child of one, a mixed couple, her father was American and her mother was Korean, and this story brings her back and she finds out a lot more than the story. that she should write for her magazine article.

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I put it on my list for everyone I know and love, last but not least. I have a current favorite kid’s picture book called dream street. And that’s by Trisha Allen Walker, an ICU Holmes. And it’s a great story where we are introduced to a lot of people who live on that street and there are stories and how they interact with each other and the artwork is absolutely beautiful. I strongly encourage everyone to go and get this book because it is one of those books that you want to keep Laly a

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Books is located at 10 26, rue Rose Kran, at point Loma Maryanne’s choices were again Louise Eich’s phrase. Oh, beautiful. From young Yon and Tricia Ellen Walker’s dream street picture book illustrated by Aqua Holmes. If you missed any of these book picks, you can find them on our [email protected] org.

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