Keanu Reeves’ most acclaimed movie is Toy Story 4

The talented Keanu Reeves has built a long career filled with memorable films, but the most acclaimed isn’t the most obvious choice.

Keanu Reeves has become one of Hollywood’s most enduring icons, with a career spanning over 35 years and multiple roles in movie classics. Once dismissed as an unreasonable lightweight, he has stood the test of time and displayed a range that would shock his early reviews. Of Bill and Ted in progress Matrix and John wick franchisees, there have been many top tier favorites to choose from. But part of her formula has been to take on smaller roles as well as bigger roles – looking for roles that suit her rather than constantly headlining. It has won her praise in movies like As good as it gets, where Jack Nicholson and Diane Keaton were the stars, and helped solidify his reputation as a reliable actor as well as a star.

This trend has given him a prime role in what has been his most acclaimed film so far, in which he also plays a supporting role. It was Toy story 4, who won a mascot in his sensitive clone of Evel Knievel which defined his central dilemma. The film wasn’t Reeves’ only one – far from it – but his presence helped him reach unprecedented heights: a 97% rating on Rotten Tomatoes and compassionate the “Universal Acclaim” label on his rating. 84 on Metacritic.

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Toy story 4

The film itself maintained the dizzying reputation of the previous three Toy story seemingly effortless movies. The fourth parties are usually associated with either larger franchises such as the Harry potter movies or – much more generally – the sad final chapter of a franchise long after its creative peak. Toy story 4 once again pulled off a magical act, expanding his universe of sensitive toys in a completely unexpected direction by dealing with what previous films had called taboo. Lost toys, once considered the worst fate any protagonist could endure, are simply revealed to be living a different and more self-sufficient lifestyle.

Reeves’ character, Duke Caboom, embodies this idea. This is a variation of a 1970s Knievel toy, with a ramp that loads the wheels of his motorcycle, allowing him to speed forward on his own. Caboom is a Canadian toy – parodying the flamboyant, patriotic uniforms of American Knievel – who suffered lingering trauma when his owner Réjean rejected him as a Boxing Day gift. His perceived failure continues to haunt him, even after he has rebuilt his life with his abandoned toy comrades. It is only at the end, when he proves to himself that he has always been exactly what he wanted to be, that he puts the past to bed.

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Toy story 4

The role fits Reeves like a glove, with real heart and humanity under the obvious gag of a daredevil from a country known for its gentle-mannered people. Her pain at rejection is very normal and easy to understand, despite the exaggerated tragedy of what comes to a child who is slightly disappointed with a gift. Caboom is undone by something beyond his control – a business promise far more than what the toy could offer – and as ludicrous as the circumstances are, Reeves is selling the reality of the character’s pain while being fully aware of it. the joke.

More importantly, the character fits into his universe without a fallout. The Toy story movies like to mix real toys like potato heads with quirky concepts like Buzz Lightyear that look real, even if they’re not. Caboom is right in this wheelhouse, with obvious inspiration from an existing toy but with its own clever twist. Reeves gives him humor, soul, and ultimately a Zen acceptance of the beauty of life, all with his tongue firmly planted in his cheek.

It is revealing that the Toy story the franchise has made characters like Caboom second nature. Toy story 4 does that and more with a plethora of terrific new figures that don’t steal the time of franchise stalwarts like Rex and Jessie the Cowgirl. Reeves’ performance matches that of the rest of the cast, dedicated primarily to the project while making the universe feel incomplete without this new character. It’s as strong a demonstration of its skills as any of its most prominent star vehicles.

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