Juventus make plan to recall one of their impressive loan players

It is well known that Juventus have problems in their current midfield. The Bianconeri are now looking to fix this issue next month.

Buying a premium player in the January transfer window for any position is like finding a needle in a haystack.

But the Bianconeri don’t really need to spend the money on someone new as they have a lender who is thriving in their temporary home.

Juventus signed Nicolo Rovella at the start of this year but kept the youngster on loan at Genoa until the end of this season.

The 20-year-old thrived at The Griffin and is now one of their key players.

Although he is developing well, Juventus midfielders are struggling to make an impact at the Allianz Stadium.

Calciomercato says the club are now considering shortening his loan period to six months.

The report says Juve hope to send other youngsters under 23 to Genoa in exchange for Rovella’s early return.

Juve FC says

The second half of this season will be very important for the Bianconeri and we have to recruit the best possible players.

Rovella looks set to play for our senior team, but it might be a bad idea to cut his loan short as he still has a lot of development to do.

However, if we can’t find a more experienced alternative that can do the job, bringing him back to the club is an option we should seriously consider.

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