JK Rowling’s new children’s book was inspired by her son’s stuffed pig

Something new for your bedtime story collection …

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We all know and love the Harry Potter franchise, from first to last, the immense imagination and suspense that comes with each book made us feel like we wanted to have an adventure in the mind of JK Rowling …

She is also known for her inspiring life story, which has been a source of encouragement and motivation for many women who feel like they have reached their limits. She taught us that doing what you love can literally be your jackpot …

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JK Rowling has released a new children’s book that has all the qualities of a life lesson, for children and adults. Because we all know the best place to learn life lessons is in children’s books.

How can we reflect on the simpler lessons that have the most impact on the big picture? JK Rowling shared some key information about what she thought of the book with the Sunday opening hours:

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“’The Christmas Pig’ was inspired by her son’s favorite stuffed pig, who kept getting lost and then found again.

“However, her son found the second pig and declared it a brother. The original is ragged and torn, but that got her thinking about the replacement. The lockdown proved successful for her as she wrote the book during this time, it was during this time that she discovered that she was unusually aware of the need for human connection. ” (MSN)

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Will you be adding this book to your bedtime collection?

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