JK Rowling Responds to Twitter Pipebomb Death Threat

Author JK Rowling responded after apparently receiving a number of death threats on Twitter.

The writer behind the Harry Potter series, who has received heavy criticism for his views on transgender rights in the past, shared a screenshot of an example on Monday, July 19.

The message read: “I wish you a very nice pipe bomb in the mailbox.”

Rowling replied, “To be fair, when you can’t get her publisher to fire, arrest, or drop a woman, and canceling it only increased her book sales, there’s really only one thing. ‘one place to go. “

The 55-year-old claimed that “hundreds of trans activists” had “threatened to beat, rape, murder and bomb”.

Rowling then said she was going to return to work on a chapter of the last book in her Strike series, which she is writing under the pseudonym Robert Galbraith.

“To all the people who send me beautiful, kind, funny and supportive messages, thank you very much,” she wrote.

Rowling sparked controversy last year after she challenged a headline about “menstruating people.” She then argued that the discussion of gender identity invalidates biological sex.

In June 2020, she published an open letter defending her comments on the trans community, as well as revealing her experiences of sexual abuse and domestic violence.

Jonathan Ross defends JK Rowling over transgender dispute

In response, many stars of film adaptations of Rowling’s books have spoken out in favor of trans rights, including Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson and Rupert Grint.

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