JK Rowling defender delivers worst tweet of the year (so far)


I will not deny the entertainment value of the Harry potter books. They are very beautiful novels and I enjoyed reading them all. I remember pre-ordering the 6th novel before my wife (then girlfriend) went on a trip to Paris, where we both ended up buying a copy because we didn’t want to take turns reading it on the flight home. When we got back we had another copy waiting for us.

Putting everything else of JK Rowling aside – and that includes transphobia – she’s a good writer, even though those Cormorant Strike novels failed to hold my attention and Vacancy was average. What JK Rowling isn’t, however, is the best writer of the past 100 years. Not even close.

Oh man. There is so much going on with this tweet. Like so many others have noted it, it would be a great service to Mr. Dolan if he read another book. Any other book. In fact, I initially thought this tweet was aimed at Joyce Carol Oates – also recently criticized for tweets of gibberish – who has at least one better claim to being the best writer in the last 100 years. I don’t want to get into a debate about who is the best female author of the last 100 years, because there are too many before JK Rowling to count them: Harper Lee, Atwood, Morrison, Didion, Alice Walker, Le Guin, Lahiri, Kingslover, among many others.

But also, renaming a school hardly counts as a cancellation either, not for the the richest female author of the past 100 years, and certainly not for someone who has a platform as big as her (which she uses to advance her transphobia).

Find a library, Mr. Dolan. Take another book. Any other book.

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