Jeopardy champion of Medina wins 13th consecutive game

Thirteen proved lucky for a man from Medina on “Jeopardy” as he kept his winning streak alive.

Matt Amodio, the 2009 Medina High School class major who majored in math at Ohio State, scored an easy victory on Friday’s episode of the popular game show.

He walked away with $ 35,600, bringing his 13-day winnings total to $ 430,000.

Amodio has now risen to No.5 on the highest earning list of all time for regular season wins and has an almost certain offer for a future appearance in a Tournament of Champions.

But for now, Amodio is still the champion to beat when the show returns at 7:30 p.m. Monday on WOIO (Channel 19).

In the meantime, he is back in Medina County to watch the pre-recorded shows with his family and friends as he prepares to return to Yale in the fall for his fifth and final year of study in preparation for a doctorate in artificial intelligence.

Earlier this week, Amodio made a surprise appearance at an Akron RubberDucks game where he threw the first pitch.

On Friday, his last question on danger was in the Literature and Animal Kingdom category.

The answer was, “In 2020, scientists named Trimeresurus Salazar a new species of this after a character from a Harry Potter book series?” He answered correctly: “What is a snake?

Amodio’s penchant for using “what” in all of his answers (in the form of a question of course) has aroused the ire of some Jeopardy aficionados and grammarians.

The show’s producers were quick to jump to his defense this week.

They admit that his use of “what is” is a bit “unorthodox” for every answer, whether “animal, vegetable, or mineral,” but it’s perfectly legal.

The show’s rules simply state that “… all contestants’ responses to a response must be in the form of a question.”

“Matt Amodio’s no-nonsense approach is unique but well with guidelines,” according to the producers.

Craig Webb, who believes Amodio is in cahoots with Ken Jennings, can be reached at [email protected]

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